Escapism. Yeah really.


4:13 AM 10/2/2008

Now Playing — One Republic – Say (All I Need)

Second time playing as I went to the toilet and wordpress is NOT loading again. Wtf. = =|||

My old faithful notepad ❤

Anyway yeah.

Guess this is it. I’ll stop using that name, and it won’t exist in my blog anymore.

Hah, yeah I know.

Weird right?

Anyway I hope I’m getting better after that Chinese medication that I took.

So much for sleeping early! Sorry natakaasd xD

*hugs pillow*

Let’s see, when I go back, LYP exchange casing, start class, then hand out the MEF form (gah), etc.

Yes my mum is ranting why am I not sleeping now xD Ah well Raya mah.


We do get puzzled at times… as I posted earlier in CoABH, when something is new to us… we tend to be afraid and overly-sensitive over certain matters.


Say (All I Need) sounds nice. Thanks!

… and my WP is NOT loading. WTF. How am I gonna post this wei. = =|||

… and yes let me blowwater a while…

Muahhahah XD


A quote from my secret hideout,
“Lets gently throw our fake selves away, and just be who we are.”


Sometimes right, being an Astrology Freak IS a GOOD thing at times. Like this. o_O I don’t know what I’m yapping now lulz.

Ah well.

Time to change my LYN sig…

Changing in lifestyle too.

All the best~

Yeap, all the best to everyone in ’16’ too. (If anyone reading this lol drop a comment)

Pens down,
Alex. (Time to ignore, escapism)
[4:20 AM 10/2/2008]

Psst, today is the day where things changes. I hope.


One Response to “Escapism. Yeah really.”

  1. - c H i E n - Says:

    I am here!
    Glad u like the song! Nice right?
    why today things change? O.o

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