It’s just me… or


Well guess either I’m just sui or I took the wrong medication. My case turned worse after that. The same sourish feeling from the throat to stomach, sneezing, coughing like mad that hurts like hell, and keep sweating.

Let me start from this morning. Purposely woke up at 9, blasted songs, slept till 10 something until I keep hearing my msn sound msg alert. Then I’m like OH SHIT late for draft. Check the chatmenu, eeeyooo not ready yet. = = So I went back and slept. Ok no la I just put my face on my desk for a while and head to the kitchen to brush up and eat noodles.

Draft started at 11, and we lost terribly. Wrong hero choice (bad choice actually), bad lineup, and we’re playing against Andrew and eeeyooo plus m33k. Gg la.

That was seriously disgraceful, but Doorbanger insists it’s fun. = = Rainbowbutt directly left after that rofl.

Anyway, it’s… well challenging. Lol.

Andrew’s busy, if not I ask him to coach me wahahahha. = = Tho he mentioned that a lot of ppl deleted him off their buddy list because of his other ‘side’ when they are losing. I saw that once. Lol.

So after that directly feel something is wrong. Felt uneasy, then manchoduck messaged me and we DotA-ed slightly after that. Before that I 1v1 with Doorbanger la, same hero Obsidian Destroyer. In the end I won lol. His item wrong choice. Meka + Hood of Defiance, wtf.

The fun thing is, DotA-ing in Brunei room, they all didn’t really complain lag. Wow. So far away man. Lol.

I play better sometimes when I’m sick… as usual.

PoTM ❤

CoD4 for a while. Well that’s what made me dizzy lol.

Then rested a while, and mancho gave me a porn website I’m like o_O the link is so innocent and I thought he’s joking… so I clikced on it and it’s like those or or megarotic that kinda thing. Lol. = =|||

Funny dude. = =

So I was coughing like mad and felt like shyt.

Where’s everyone when I need someone. Sheesh.

Ahhh @_@

So… like that lor… like shyt the whole day.

Went to Kit’s house at night, my HDD is fine. So the casing fucked up. God damnit.

Really wanna throw that back to the shop.

Just took panadol, hopefully after sleeping I’ll be ok.

Things changed. Indeed. Hmm…………………………………………………………

Now Playing — Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra – Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete (Disc 3 ~ Kingdom Hearts II)


You are given a choice between pills:

Bittersweet pill and happy-mystery pill.

When ever you take the former, you will feel extremely bitter, and suffer the aftermath. But you will feel the sweetness too, sometimes, but it fades over time and somehow you will be addicted to it.

If it’s the latter, you just found it, and yes it does taste way better than the former, but, you won’t be addicted to it and you don’t know what other side effects that might present.

Now, which one you choose? The ‘expired’ bitersweet pill or the newly found happy-mystery pill?

One hell of a dilemna.

Now Playing — Yoko Shimomura – Dearly Beloved

Yeah man, powered by Dearly Beloved.

It conveys a sad, solemn but peaceful, tranquil state of mind. Sombrierity at it’s best.

Kinda sad at times… when I come to think of it.


Goodnight world. Hopefully no one would be able to know what’s behind the pills… lol.



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