Been coughing. Maybe due to the cold water I drank. Sheesh.

See doctor took the medicine like there’s nothing one. No antibiotic, no flue, no nothing. Geez, I wait it to go off better. Parents forced me to go anyway. = =

Which made me woke up early yesterday and half dead when I came back. To add salt to injury, internet died DSL light keep blinking grr so I slept for a few hours before calling TM to reset my port and voila the speed is back up again.
But until just now suddenly it’s not responding again. Maybe some TM thingy again la~ NVM la.

Today having draft match at 10am. I should be long sleeping man. Wonder how worse the match will be as eeeyooo, ellokawan, and Andrewlee- is on the SAME team. GG

Sure kena trashed, unless Doorbanger’s theory is correct la, sustain the first 3 pushes then we can win. (Yes he’s called Doorbanger lol).

Ah well.

Nevertheless, I should be studying, but then hor, raya break ma, rest a bit lor.

I still haven’t submit my MEF. WTF. [Module Entry Form]

Guess I’ll be going for IWS and GUI (Class only not exam).


I’m already out of the picture. I couldn’t care much anymore.

*sniff* I just hope that my flue will go away. Damnit. The walking distance from my house to University freaks me out and gives me goosebumps each time I think about it. Laptop bag wei, damn heavy summore.

Regardless of whatever training I had during the past secondary school life (yes I carry a turtle bag, with like 5 TEXTBooks, 10 exercise books, 1 1.5L water bottle, 1 PJ shirt 1 Spare Shirt, 1 pencil box, Mathematical Box, some theorem books, plastic bags, umbrella, raincoat and I sprinted 100m over the field to catch the bus back home that time. YES I AIN’T KIDDING MY FRIENDS WAS LIKE YELLING ACROSS THE FIELD +u+u from the library. = =||| ), I still find it tiring. Gah. Maybe it’s just my lazy nature.

Well generally programmers ARE lazy, that’s what makes programmer a programmer right? You program something to help you in order to achieve what you want. Lol.

We are lazy motherfuckers =P Pardon the figure of speech.

You know sometimes when you listen to some random songs, and some particular line just struck your mind and you go “…” or ._. or =| that’s when you start to think is it a subliminal message? Lol.

Triple Scorpio babeh, I can see and feel what other people can’t. Rawr. Bite me.

… and this is cute.

Halt Fiend. --Rawr

Halt Fiend. --Rawr


Goodnight world.

Kenny G’s song melts man. ❤

… and yes. Don’t blame me for changing. You seriously don’t.



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