Lost IN Reality


As usual.

3:15 AM 9/26/2008

Now Playing — [Anime-RG] Fate-stay night – Game Opening 2 [E396EF5A].mp4

Talk about spirituality. That fucker called me today for 1 hour and for the first time in my life we actually chatted quite long about it.

Ahhhhhh. Probably I’m just thinking too much.

Then now I’m torn between two sides, IWS or GUI?

… and then so much for letting go, I’m sober again now.

My eyes are practically closed like this -3-

Jason Mraz I’m Yours… Nice song.

Sometimes I just hope that I won’t be so mysterious and let other people understand me…

and sometimes what you really want is not potrayed in the way you want it to be…

Nothing is more tiring than a man without his own soul… I just lost mine a few days ago.

Mind games… sarcasm… lines… figure of speech… if only none of them actually existed.

Good old days.


If only I could tell my heart saying that I never knew you at all.


3:25 AM 9/26/2008

I wonder how long would it last… or in reality it is already ended.

~Lost My Soul~


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