12:08 AM 9/24/2008






Tired. Just came back from a very long day.


I wonder when will I be blogging about the leftover days in the trip… lol.



Incident ‘Eyrie’ started at a subliminal message which is one of my 


mistake… I blame it on myself. Then again, I’m not sure what else can I do 




After a while, it kicked in, and yeah I was screwed.


Which brings up another Ops ‘Ring’ which caused ‘temporary trauma incident’ 


into my life. I realised that it kills. Yes, it kills. Teh green eye.


Then I’d been trying to avoid but to no avail (like duh) then decided it 


might be a good thing to attend a LAN party which I did. Uh huh. And ran out 


when everyone came back. =D (That’s not epic at all)


Ran around Edu Square after reading The Star. Rofl. You know what I’m 


talking about. That part.


I guess you don’t.


So that was yesterday. Not even a complete DotA match, or EotA match. It’s 


so fucked up.


Man I’m gonna do that over and over again. Seems fun. =P


Woke up this morning, used the toilet, and then prepared to University. 


Double checked the SA again but no bus tickets. Boarded the bus, told the 


driver, then went to Kajang. Reached KL at around 10:15 am. Bought my 


tickets for Saturday, then rush back trying to catch the bus at 11:15am (and 


I did it, tiring enough to run/walk). 


went back campus, Cornelius called and said ask me for lunch. So I thought 


it’s gonna be quick so I quickly used the comp lab and went to SA. In the 


end he says something’s up so he have to come later. =.=


Played pool with a random Yr 1 E&E dude, and yeah I deterioriated a lot. God 




Guess you can’t be good in everything huh lol.


Doesn’t matter it’s not to impress girls anyway. *rolls eyes*


Went lunch with Corny at Broga, (yes YC drive there la =P) and then SKIPPED 


FIRST CLASS (Michael Chung will kill me yes I Know) for errr forgot the subj 


name wait *ahh* Internet and Web Services. God knows if Brian took notes for 




Was in his car, he drove all the way to KL.


Before that we drop by my house, saw Quek and Jon in the house, TM is fixing 


the line ady. Efficient.


First destination, go get my stuff first. LYP.


But then, need to redraw money, so I went downstairs and took it out. Corny 


went and COD with a random businessman from LYN for his NEWLY BOUGHT Asus 


PDA (Wtf wei new and sell wtf =.=).


Then we decided to go and check out some Iphone seller (yes he bought it 


somewhere later from a different guy tho) in KL Sentral, so yeah we took the 


train there. He paid most of my travelling fees besides the final return 




Come to think of it today Rm10++ gone from my Touch and Go Card.


Waited for that Malay dude to come, and then when we inspect the phone we 


saw scratches that was undocumented in the forum post (I knew this truth 


much later by that time I’m just looking around only). So Corny rejected 


luuu and ofc that Malay dude pissed la. Then when we come back I saw his 


siggy with a shitlist + Corny’s ID nick. He’s like rofl-ing then nvm la 


thought of giving him his RM10 then now nvm la. Rofl. Pwnd.


We have to go back to LYP (long story cut short) and bought my external HDD. 


Mouse later (getting Razor maybe during PC Fair), skipped webcam (RM150 MS 


one waaaa omg I don’t think so lo… even cheap one also… aih…) skipped 


cooler (no longer RM10 -> RM25 I say forget it), Telephone cable extender 


for my house.


So 500GB. Mmm. 5 years warranty.


Screw it even if I’m being over sensitive.


Went to KLCC, via this route:


WALK from LYP to Hang Tuah, took train to Masjid Jamek, went to Putra Lane 


the underground subway, and alight at KLCC’s stop.


Yes we almost travelled the whole KL for the day.


Went to KLCC, ate at KFC, his treat as I accompanied him for the whole day. 


When we reach Semenyih we are like saying oh shit tomorrow sore throat lol.


He CoDed with a Chinese Guy, his Iphone nice, brand new, nice deal.


Well his friend have 2 more Iphone3G UNTOUCHED BRAND NEW in his house 


anyway. No wonder he’s selling his Iphone2G.


Went to Corny’s house (we are dead already), I reformatted my HDD, 4 


partition, and then copied some of his stuffs. MVs la, movies la, music!


Nothing much. =S 70GB nia. I hoped for more BoA vids tho.


So later on he fetched me back with his gf in the car. Although it’s NOW 


against my virtue I initiated a short conversation with his gf. Well yeah I 


guess socialising is a good way to start lol.


Thursday clubbing night anyone? Oh yeah someone quitted drinking a year ago. 




Basically Corny was like, tai hoi dit. =.= Then I finally manage to crack up 


a bit la. Chill a bit. Well after that distance of walking around and 


sweating you if I don’t crack I’ll crack my head man.


Tho I told Cornelius a line that I was given to la, “Good Exercise what” =P


But yeah it’s not easy… as it is I’m already:


asdf in the first place… then I skipped class… so I went ): 


then later on the journey I went qweqwe… then =D


Then asdf again…


Fluke la.


Anyway tomorrow 9 o’clock class. Another long day ahead. Seriously, Year 


3… single room.


Now I understand why Kwang likes periods of solitude in his house.


Tho all these years I went o_O la lol


I need to do something to my rubiks man.


octobers coming up. Hmmmmm. It’s gonna be another sad month.


Can’t do much, Horses are the worst this year, followed by snake. =\


To conclude, I’m tired but somehow contented. Gonna forget about incident 


‘Eyrie’ AFAP I think. More to like practicing hawk’s belief, you won’t *well 


errrm* anything if you didn’t put anything in it.


It’s like… retreat… pull back. Keep it, or archive it. Full-fledge wipe 


off the system.


It’s just the user that’s holding back the process, not the function itself.


I just say I can say *censored*.


Ulalallalal~ (damn I love this)


Wonder how’s Nat’s trial. Yes although I’m sober I can still remember you 




“Just take my hand… and you’ll be okay…” <- you will take mine right?




AC. 12:39 AM 9/24/2008


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