2:23 AM 9/21/2008


Now Playing — Sachi Tainaka – Kimi to no Ashita


F/SN OST!!! 


Ok back to topic.


So last night slept at 3 (never knew that it’s already that late while CS-ing cos I keep dying no headphones cannot play well)


Then woke up around 10 something… damn bloody tired, don’t feel like going anywhere. In the end dragged myself up, brushed up and msged AngelOfDestruction AKA AdvocateOfDeath (I knew it much later after meeting him in person wtf) and he told me he went KL and needed me to go Pasar Seni.


So I don’t really care yet so I prepare everything and went for lunch. Then he told me he came back and can go Kajang KTM and fetch me lor. So deal AoD’s fetching meh.


Went Broga Pan Mee, ate there, and yeah the blended red bean FTW.


I’m craving for food now T_T


Anyway, after that me and Quek went campus as he needs to check email. I checked mine, and yeah browse around for a bit. Before and after this I went to SA to get the bus tickets, but SA seems to be closed T_T so yeah I boarded the bus without ticket and ID. Dangerous, but I talked politely to the driver and he let me up, warning me at least bring my ID along next time. well it’s not like I purposely don’t want to bring it I left it at home. @_@ *looks for ID*


No wonder I miss it as it’s in my other trousers. =.= wtf.


So took the bus to Kajang, took a quick nap, boarded the bus. Was around 2:40pm. Messaged AoD for his car num, model, color, and he replied Green Myvi 2829 (but in reality he made a mistake telling me his other car’s num plate WTF lol it’s 2898 -_-)


Waited till 3:10 pm, still no sight of that number plate nor someone calling me. So I messaged and he say coming. Finally I took out my rubiks and started playing lor damn boring UNDER the SUN. @@


He came, saw me, and not sure if I’m the one he’s looking for. (There’s me and a guy smoking, so it’s either one of us is eXPeri3nc3) He called, then I know it’s him, so I went across the road and waved, boarded the car, and left.


Intro-ed a bit, chatted a bit, then later yumchar while waiting for rourou (ini legendary trap) and AoD showed me some pics of the guys and girls in the gath la, so I roughly know how they look like. And Silverhawk is so small in size rofl. Well smaller size than me I guess.


See, playing dota have a good point, topic to talk about. Chatted with him about DotA rofl.


Then rourou came up, and I kept quiet the whole ride. AoD met Edmund malauzai and he followed us. 


Well apparently Edmund only met JS and another person before, but I met none of them before. So it’s quite freaky la especially when I got to know that there’s 23 of them inclusive of me lol.


I approached him and say hi, intro-ed, break the ice and we chatted a bit. Getting there…


Tried the ‘coconut flower wine’ or air nila I think or whatever you call it. I hate the taste. Ack. So finished it and never drank a single drop of it anymore afterwards.


More and more ppl came, and saw all of them. Wow. Bebee looks EXACTLY like a clone of KPuiYan WTFWTFWTFWTF and I met KPYan not long so I’m sure she’s exactly like her. Twin sister-lookalike. I went *blinks* she reminds me of someone then 2 hours later I’m like oh shit it’s KPY rofl.


Of course this one wild and naughty one la =P and English Speaking version rofl.


The perfection of the imperfection. Wow.


So in the end I ranted to 7chai as he said that he’s gonna teman me throughout the thing and he even left early due to wwlai87 need to continue his work. Well all ended up talking to each other a bit la, well I didn’t really talked to BB, Kikipi, JS. Others got.


Funny thing is, when I talked to PennyPupz, the first thing that pops into the conversation is GArena rofl and games we play. Fight of Characters!! OMGOMGOMGOMG.


Gamer = Gamer la for her xD


I even talked to boxhead, cool dude, and he’s fucking slim. T_T


Broken, cool dude, travelled so far just for the gathering.


7chai, that fella ah… reminds me of the converted versions of lala-zais. Rofl.


Silverhawk… ini ah during the 3rd session in a bar (I forgot the name) told his history in Secondary School… wasai damn nakal one lol. 


BeBee… interesting life she had. Well divorced parents, dad passed away, and her school life is seriously… wow.


Same goes to DazzyWazzy which is actually Silverhawk’s senior wtf. Tu AoD also sama, all nakal gang one, damn cool Highschool memories.


Me ah, fucked up shit in a fucked up town. Will never repeat the same thing in University again.


Rourou … ini actually a friendly girl… I actually teased her quite a bit for fun nia… but in the forums she completely different wei. I know I’m an asshole la last time thank you for pointing that out -_-


Stacial… never knew my sifu is actually the same age as me, she have a quite wide physique la. =S


RubyF… never attended anything this time. T_T JS was like saying “Eh ruby will be coming your wife laa” then all of the girls stare at me I direct gave them this -> -_- Then rourou say eh smile a bit la be happy I say “ok la ok la then gave them this =| then look away rofl.


WangPr… that dude ah, really lor, quite weird IMHO, but hey everyone’s different lol.


Kikipi… errr duwan to talk bad about other ppl la keep to myself.


Vicky aka BB… ini ah she’s damn tall lor. Looks decent =P Well never got the chance to talk to her tho.


JS… ini tak payah cakap no chance to butt in at all. Due to… *censored*


Techno… another cool dude.


Himesan… waa never knew she look that pretty compared to her pics xD and she’s just 18 while others are like 23~25. @@ 


Yukiz… yeah looks fucking young when I look fucking old. =.= AoD says it’s a good thing I look old =.=


Ah well, then saw Voodee and Alexa and said hi after eating. 


Vinann, waa he came and directly introduce, straightforward dude lol.


Wwlai87… borned with panda eyes, that’s why he is called panda rofl lol. Cool. Stressed dude tho. Poor him.


Wolf516 FFK due to exam.


I don’t think I left out anyone else… maybe one or two but ah well. Lol.


Ah edmund lor… etc.


In the end after eating seafood at Teluk Gong, went 2nd session yumchar at somewhere in Klang, I sit in the middle directly opposite Alexa and we just crapped lol. I sit beside silverhawk and our table joined in the middle was the most silent one. =.=


On the left Bebee AoD Dazzy and Wangpr, right those girls and tech hime and vinann.


3rd session only me hawkie AoD Bebee Dazzy went. Bangsar, one of the bars.


They told a lot of stories la, but I kept quiet for the whole session as I have a sad life in Secondary school nothing spectacular. =(


Ah well.


I forgot what I said but yeah it’s something like live life boring in a way that it’s wonderful.


So at the end of the gathering, I met a lot of people, tired, and now hitting the sack.




Steph didn’t reply, ah well.


So I learned something after tonight… Rules screw you up, rule yourself.


and the most important thing… I found… life.


AC. 2:54 AM 9/21/2008


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