The Thinker


One who thinks, and the one who doesn’t, shows a vast difference.

Likewise, not all ppl like to think, decrypt, and devour.

So I opened my room door, a gust of cold, chilling wind hit upon my face. Ah, that’s relaxing and cooling. Well what can you expect more from a 24degree celcius chilled room for 30 minutes? 😉

Decided to type something before I jump to bed beside me (as it’s way over my bedtime and I’m taking 1 o’clock bus today)

Yes, it isn’t a choice.

A lot of people say that, don’t think about it, just do it. It holds a certain amount of truth innit, but at the very end one wouldn’t fail to take count of screwing up because of not thinking properly before taking any action, like pre-marritial sex that leads to pregnancy.

So, are we to choose? Yes, it isn’t a choice, really. Say you are given 2 choices, left or right. You choose the left, you go to the left, and cross your fingers and hope that you’re ok. Same goes to the right. But then, if you can’t make one, there isn’t a choice. You just walk to the path where you ‘think’ it’s correct, by letting your heart lead the way. Still, it’s not your choice, it’s your self-consciousness.

Hence, a lot of people do weird things out of the blue which all ends up to one particular point, it’s all out from themselves, the inner-part of them.

Tell me if you could find a ‘right’ time to say “I love you”. You just can’t. You just do it whenever you feel that it can be done.

So since it’s so subliminal, it’s so subtle that everything means something. Like what I’m typing now.

As I said before, each of my sentence might bring 2 different meanings all together, depends on how croocked you can look at it.

Well I’m not mindfucking you. Lol.

Regardless, not a prediction, but intuition, and yes, September is full of shit.

Well one can say that 9/16 didn’t turned out to be what we expected, but thank god for no riots and shits as I”m going back to KL today. So for the love of god, have a peaceful KL for me kay? Anyway, 1 big case for Malaysia.

Next, my vacation. Out of the blue, and there’s something weird behind it. I would call it a real blessing. I mentioned before that I was supposedly travelling to Hainan China instead of Shanghai. Let me tell you something, my mum found out later on during the trip to Shanghai when someone from the same trip that chosed Hainan and changed to Shangai said that something happened there and they are forced to cancel the trip. Well they didn’t tell us, but we found it out much later on.

Next choice, Indonesia, Bali. Bomb site, cursed place, terrorist hijacking, you name it. Nice place to have a vacation excluding the risks, but yeah, a riot started not long after the choice is made (to Shanghai). Ah.

Thailand? The bloody fellas are running amok along the streets causing military chaotic situation. A vacation there? You won’t be able to get pass the airport!

So… it’s a blessing in disguise. Wonderful innit?

Ah yeah, earthquake at Taiwan~ and rough winds and tides over at Hainan Island. =) Need I say more?

… and there’s still 2 weeks left to end this freaky September.

Anyone… “wake me up… when September ends”

I will never look at the world the same way I did.


*I wonder why I typed this post… really. Lol.*

Edit — On a side note, Mystery Method seems to work. Hsinyi gave me her number after like 2 years.

Unintentional opener -> Building Comfort -> Demonstrating Higher Value -> Close


Another Edit:

Day 1

Pu Dong -> Nanking Road -> See candle figures -> Su Zhou (building) -> Pagoda -> Dinner -> walk walk -> Stay overnight


Day 2

Su Zhou -> Pray -> Silk -> Song Mei Ling’s Chamber -> Nanking Bridge -> Crystal Ball -> Confucious Temple -> Stay overnight


Day 3

Su Zhou -> Nanking Chamber (Raid) -> Buy Jed -> Mou Sek -> Ling San (left green dragon right white tiger) -> Eat -> Sleep at Wu Zhen


Day 4

Mou Sek -> Pearl -> 3 Kingdom’s Area for film shooting -> Teapot -> Exhibition Center ->


Day 5

Hangzhou -> Tea -> Ship Sai Wu -> Museum -> Walk walk Magic Cards -> Eat -> Sleep


Day 6

Wu Zhen -> Bamboo -> Ship -> Shanghai -> XiaoLongBao -> Walk WAlk -> Floating Restaurant -> Pearl Tower at night


Day 7

Pearl Tower morning -> Pei You -> Makan -> Performance ERA -> Sleep


Day 8

Bullet Train -> Pu Dong -> KLIA


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