Pictures… v1



Testing out my new camera… Point and shoot

MAS desu =3

Air ticket

Look at the white wine ❤ Didn’t snap the air-stewardess tho.

The water machine I’m talking about. Damn cute. That’s the first thing I saw after I alighted from the plane.

Along the streets, somewhere in Shanghai

They have circle things instead of square like Malaysia

Another pic

Ahah Tom Cruise desu in candle form xD

“And the Oscar goes to…”

I wish I’m blogging that time rofl

I just love flowers.

I forgot what it says lol.

One of the sceneries

The place I went to. China is surprisingly full of trees.

Macro shot. Ah yeah their coke and sprite less gas one. But when you shake it it can pop the bottle cap la (yeah happened to me several times cos it’s in my slingbag when I walk around and shooted like a rocket when I opened it, thank got it’s just the cap that flew with a loud ‘pook’)


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