Something… for… nothing?


Something for nothing is a cheat code for Starcraft Single Player where you type it 3 times and you get upgrades from Lv 1,2,3 depending on how many times you typed it. If you typed it 4 times it will reset it back to Lv 1 and so on. Weird huh?

I can still remember that evening… I was shutting down my lappie, but before that glanced at my Skype, and then closed it, Msg-ed alexa and said bye bye and hibernated my laptop, put it back into the bag.

Left the house with white T-Shirt, and slacks. I camwhored a picture, but accidentally deleted it. >”< That pic is one of my best camwhored pix lol… damnit.

Anyway the bus missed us due to human error (how the fuck can you sleep Steven on the way to Kampar from Ipoh… really wtf), then it came back to fetch us. My dad’s been cursing on how stupid that fella is, I felt pissed too. At the same time I was messaging with her and she complained that she’s having the same lunch again during dinner time.

… and I got to know who introduced “Fall For You” to her…

So went up the bus, glanced at the 2 girls at the first seat, and went to the back row. Slept. 

Yada yada yada, sampai KLIA.

Went down, and started snapping pictures around, to test my camera… and I knew it. Not used to manual yet. Sigh. Photos later.

So walked around, deposited the luggages, bought McD and ate, and went up the plane. Sent my last sms, and went up. 

*OT — Oh stoning bear ❤ I miss you*

Took the meal, delicious desu, but at first I thought it’s black pepper chicken… as he told me it is. When I open it it’s actually curry (having sore throat, so thought black pepper might be better, but in the end I ate it still) and it’s delicious. I love the air-stewardess on my arrival flight. The return flight sucks bigtime. BIG BIG TIME. The girls on the arrival flight are always with a smile, good service, and yeah looks good of couse (duh air stewardess) I even took white wine on the plane (no bias options from her ❤ unlike that other one that served the ang mohs wine only not others… grr)

So yeah, watched Forbidden Kingdom (again) on the plane, and Criminal Minds (This is sick, but cool). Then slept for a while, not a good one tho, tired… and half dead actually. 

I read a mag, and it says if you use the toilet and flush it in air, the power used can power up a car to move 10km! So imagine… it’s such a power wastage.


So upon arrival, I looked at the sky, it’s just 6AM and it’s soooooo bright, as if it’s 9AM in Malaysia. Wow. The scenery… Magnificient. I looked at the stars at night during the flight… I felt as if I’m so much closer to it now. How I wish my lover is with me lol.

Ok, now, I forgot something, upon departing from KLIA, we have to go through a long path… and at night, it’s lighted up, damn nice! Stairway to heaven… I O_O and went… “Wow” *Speechless* Really really nice. It’s like you’re going to the future. At that speed, that moment.


Looking at the clouds that are under your plane… you feel that you reached heaven. Laputa!!! Sky Kingdom.

Peace… Calm… Serenity.

Really… nice.

So alighted from the plane, and saw that machine. Pics later. Damn cool. So took the mini bus and met our China tourperson.

He is thin, and looked like a drug dealer (lol that’s what we called him several days later).

Took us out of Pu Dong Airport, and looked at the place. Waaaaaaaa.

So it’s Shanghai… yes indeed. Took the breakfast, pix later.

Plain… all are like eww *pukes* but in the end I still eat quite a lot lol despite the fact that I have sore throat gah but I have no other choice I’m hungry.

Went back on the bus, travelled to some place, I forgot the name, and walked around. I hate walking, legs pain, but mum bought me 2 shirts. =D

As usual pics later.

I won’t be posting up family pics, due to anonymity, and safety precaution.

if I do, it will be either mosaic-ed or censored.

We went to a place full of candle scurptures of famous artists, such as Jackie Chan, Bill Gates, Coco Lee, (to name a few) etc.

Took pics too *and I look half dead cos I’m tired*

Then after that, lunch at some place, tried one of that xiaolongbao (not the famous one in shanghai) and doesn’t taste good. 

Another local tourguide came, so took us to some ancient place la. Forgot name, pics later.

Got boatride too.

Went to the Pagoda too.

Nice scenery, then took dinner at a local restaurant.

Went back to hotel, and slept.

End of Day 1.


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