I’m back. Todaima eXPeri3nc3’s Corner!

Before I start my thesis regarding my recent trip to Shanghai (it’s really a rollercoaster of events), I’ll just highlight what I have in mind…

Which is random.

First, hitting on girls that are married is a MUST (rofl UDK?) will be explained later.

Second, Stage Freight > Insecure > Scared > Suck

Third, MAS SUCKS for the return flight. The air-stweardess are all showing a very sulky face (probably working during Mooncake Festival) and no one attended me for 20mins when I’m thirsty to death.

Forth, never sit at the end of the cabin, you’ll puke somehow rather (due to the plane movement) and I took wine… so it’s double the trouble, shaky + effects all over my body. God that’s a terrible torment. Even that time when I took the arrival flight to Pu Dong wine tasted so good and I slept a bit (not a good one tho cos it’s hot and I’m sneezing like a stuck exhaust pipe. -_-)

Fifth, fucking hell we overspent. RM10k just for this trip. Even for Hong Kong it’s only RM8k… (cos I stayed in my aunt house for 10 days, dinner got ppl belanja, and yeah it’s fun rofl =P)

Sixth, China… land of piracy. 


Anyway… I’ll be leaving soon for University anyway, I don’t want to study so fast T_T

Time passes by very fast… VERY VERY fast.

So for those who don’t know, now you know. For those who are sleeping, be awaken now.

Bullettrain rocks btw.



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