Hours before leaving


Now Playing — Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You

Ack no wonder my throat is itchy like hell last night I woke up with a sore throat. God damnit. I’ll just hope that the Listerine will kill it as usual.

Hmm, hopefully I didn’t left out anything in my pouch. Haha.


Pray to take nice photographs! “The trip isn’t cheap at the first place” — I concur this rofl

*sniff* Ahhhh

It’s raining now… Hmm.


Yesterday day Cornelius woke me up when he called me, chatted for a while when he asked me something… that was a good wake up call >w< Today I woke up I look at the watch, 1 something… Hmm can lah *sleeps zzz* then I heard dad’s motorcycle’s familiar sound and I’m like eh? *looks at watch again* Oh shi- it’s Saturday omgomgomgomg! Jumped out of bed and wash up.

Dad ask me “Just woke up again ah?” I look at him with -> -_- and went to the kitchen. Rofl.

Then only I found out I have a damn sore throat. Ahhhh.

Last night Skyped with Stephy until mum came out and said “Are you crazy what are you doing watching movie??!?!?” I said “on the phone” she went “Oh” and went to sleep. That was before I even started a conversation yet xD

Then my dad came out later *IINM*

– –

She sounded like a chipmunk at a certain point =3

Bleach is wonderful! Not until the 3rd captain came and omg *spoiler* rofl. No lah, he came and kidnap Lurichiyo sama to the First Captain. That went WTF and omg new stuff zzzz I’m in Shanghai T_T

ellokawan and others left KWC -.- I’m the only one left. Rofl. SK saupei ady luuu like this.

Yes don’t bitch this to Jason pls Justin a.k.a rainbowbutt muhahahah >_>

IDK but I think pussy-wussy~ is cute OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG oops. =X

Kit came over and ask me to take pix of girls in Shanghai… So far I will still prefer girls in school uniform from Macau hehe. Beats others flat (Japanese girls not counted rofl)

And yeah handsome guys goes to Singaporeans (I’m just bullshitting rofl)

*sniff* ahhhh


Ah screw the internet, it’s down -_-

So now I wonder how do I post this up. Gahhh >_<


Now Playing — Yeng Constantino & RJ Jimenez – If We Fall In Love

I love this song as much as I love you

Hmmm =3

Good luck~

3:28 PM 9/6/2008


Be warned… to be stabbed… if you did something behind my back. Muahhahaha.


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