Best thing about tonight is…


I found out that whenever a girl calls me Alex, it means the doom bringer / trouble / rain of chaos. xD

Let’s see… when ever Ms Sri calls me I have to take books for her = =!

When ever my mum calls (lol) it’s either questions or assistance ~~

When ever someone calls me Alex gor gor~~ that means they need help = =!

Ok I’m flattered that I have someone older than me to be my pet-sis but wth I don’t want to be that old yet rofl.


I noticed PennyPupz have the same PM as me. I never noticed, I thought it’s my nick. -.- Rofl.

Rofl <- addiction.

I made you change your mind…

— reverse mode —

I am happy after just now… I know why. After playing dota. Then talked to silverhawk for a bit before he hit the sack. That game is a genius game. Damn genius. Someone lived, and never left the game. And the cycle doesn’t continue. Wow… 

I know… what you’re not thinking not currently but I don’t understand… cos I never been through it in a well-kwown place to study and faced the exact different thing. Haven’t been there, haven’t done that.

Before and before again… do let me not change my mind~

— /reverse mode —

Going Shanghai in a day. Later after wake up gotta pack up my camera, charge the batteries, make sure everything I need is available, and my battle gear lol.


Don’t feel like blogging ady…. just now planning to type long long… but now…


I… don’t know.



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