Goong? 宮 | 궁


Was listening to Mactina McBride – Perfect Moment

Ok now Goong la. Lol.


3:31 AM 9/2/2008

Quick one here. Just finish dota-ing with silverhawk since he asked, my weaver ❤ ❤ 300++ dmg BUT lost cos… AoE disabler (Treant, Magnus, CBFURION WITH DAGON LV5, SK) Waaalao.

Zzzz. Noobs in my team. Even silverhawk cannot do much (clockwerk)

Now Playing – Selena – Dreaming of You


Actually right, she have a point. Which is what I’d been considering. Anyway thanks for the useful piece of advice, and comment on the ‘two thumbs up’ woven poem-wannabe.

Going Shanghai this weekend Saturday, coming back at 15th. Or 16th. Whatever. Makes not much of a difference.

Then I’m gonna miss playing >_> aaaa T_T sheets addicted.

DotA I can quit. But it’s fun wei… T_T *ok addicted xD*

After that, I’ll head straight back to KL… secluded in the forest and barred from internet access till I drag myself to the computer lab. Aaah.

Nottingham students are heading back on 15th… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Me 16/17/18 laaa

20th Combined Gathering… and JS still haven’t reply me @@

After that, class starts on 22, new sem, new journey, new hope, “one aim, one dream”. (parody lalala)


Bye bye internet. I’m gonna miss you. No more blogging for some time, no more dota-ing, no more late night chats, no more surfing around LYN CC…

Java on, assignments on, homework on, study on, sports on, what else huh… cooking on. Bah. It’s troublesome to cook, but what can one do if you’re hungry and there’s no dinner unless you prepare one…

But now in TTS2 I can walk over to the shops there for lunch / dinner. =D Exp lo.


Money…. $_$

Well when you declared the state of Emergency, should I still bother to ask you whether what happened or say “good luck” and runaway? *looks at the sky*

Oh well.

Got my haircut today. Forgot to ask her name wtf =X major failure. -.- I still haven’t master social dynamics. Bahhhhh

I’ll pick it up at the gathering… ewwww.

Ok basically that day I watch mummy with mummy and daddy (lol) in my room aircond on, whole house’s light switched off besides my lappie screen = cinema 15.1 widescreen version FTW!

Sound not that bad, high quality vid. =D =D

Not that interesting for me. =\

Wall-E however is interesting enough for me to watch again.

Ok random spilling out.

If I don’t DotA right… most of the time… I’ll be lurking around doing nothing and waiting for messages. Then no respond, I’ll be lost in cyberspace.

Long cat is loooooooooooooong.

Like that.

Fuck I’m turning sober again.

AC. [3:43 AM 9/2/2008]


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