Weaving In The Dark~


4:08 AM 9/1/2008

You know… when tonight you’re alone in your room,
The only lights from your laptop that is quite gloom,
Sitting there clearing little space in the corners of your mind with a broom,
And when the song names that your favourite music player keeps showing names as if you’re doomed…

You know… that you’re missing something…
that you want to get so badly but there’s something you can do — nothing,
Then you know you love her more than you could sing…
You even remember her motion and how she swing,
Even that she told you she’s not into this thing,
Just like the wrestling court when the referee hits the bell ‘Ding Ding’,
That you’d lost the match and without a rope to cling,
Lying on the floor, exhausted, and crying,
Hoping that it all will end up like what you’re dreaming.

You know… when all you hope for is just water sprinkles from the fountain of love,
and you spread your wings, anticipating it looking for the fountain like a flying dove,
But when there’s nothing there… and you have to continue to move,
But when there’s some sparkles, streams of water, you’re as jovial as in love…

You know… when all of your lifetime you’re asking “Where is she…” and yelled at the ocean’s tide,
Did you ever open your eyes, look around you, and find out that she, all the time, waiting and standing just beside…

CT 4:26 AM 9/1/2008


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