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September 30, 2008

Been coughing. Maybe due to the cold water I drank. Sheesh.

See doctor took the medicine like there’s nothing one. No antibiotic, no flue, no nothing. Geez, I wait it to go off better. Parents forced me to go anyway. = =

Which made me woke up early yesterday and half dead when I came back. To add salt to injury, internet died DSL light keep blinking grr so I slept for a few hours before calling TM to reset my port and voila the speed is back up again.
But until just now suddenly it’s not responding again. Maybe some TM thingy again la~ NVM la.

Today having draft match at 10am. I should be long sleeping man. Wonder how worse the match will be as eeeyooo, ellokawan, and Andrewlee- is on the SAME team. GG

Sure kena trashed, unless Doorbanger’s theory is correct la, sustain the first 3 pushes then we can win. (Yes he’s called Doorbanger lol).

Ah well.

Nevertheless, I should be studying, but then hor, raya break ma, rest a bit lor.

I still haven’t submit my MEF. WTF. [Module Entry Form]

Guess I’ll be going for IWS and GUI (Class only not exam).


I’m already out of the picture. I couldn’t care much anymore.

*sniff* I just hope that my flue will go away. Damnit. The walking distance from my house to University freaks me out and gives me goosebumps each time I think about it. Laptop bag wei, damn heavy summore.

Regardless of whatever training I had during the past secondary school life (yes I carry a turtle bag, with like 5 TEXTBooks, 10 exercise books, 1 1.5L water bottle, 1 PJ shirt 1 Spare Shirt, 1 pencil box, Mathematical Box, some theorem books, plastic bags, umbrella, raincoat and I sprinted 100m over the field to catch the bus back home that time. YES I AIN’T KIDDING MY FRIENDS WAS LIKE YELLING ACROSS THE FIELD +u+u from the library. = =||| ), I still find it tiring. Gah. Maybe it’s just my lazy nature.

Well generally programmers ARE lazy, that’s what makes programmer a programmer right? You program something to help you in order to achieve what you want. Lol.

We are lazy motherfuckers =P Pardon the figure of speech.

You know sometimes when you listen to some random songs, and some particular line just struck your mind and you go “…” or ._. or =| that’s when you start to think is it a subliminal message? Lol.

Triple Scorpio babeh, I can see and feel what other people can’t. Rawr. Bite me.

… and this is cute.

Halt Fiend. --Rawr

Halt Fiend. --Rawr


Goodnight world.

Kenny G’s song melts man. ❤

… and yes. Don’t blame me for changing. You seriously don’t.




September 28, 2008

Now Playing — Reloop – Yamazaki Masayoshi – One more time, One more chance (Solo Ver.)

Reminds me of 5cm/s. Emotional Anime. =(

One more time…~

So yeah. Should I change?

Yeah saw this when I came back today, looked cute so I can’t resist and pulled out my hp to snap it. It’s been sitting out there since house renovation. Poor bear.

Bear Bear With Safety Helmet

Bear Bear With Safety Helmet

My best thumb fan so far. Bicycle Masters. Wow.

Thumb Fan With Bicycle Masters

Thumb Fan With Bicycle Masters

Thank you Natakaasd for your advices… and support from CoABH. Appreciate it.

Will jam with you guys if we have the chance to meet okay?

Yes yes… patience… it’s just scratching off my ego… couldn’t hurt that much… what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

AC. 3:24 AM 9/28/2008 You No Longer Care

Lost IN Reality

September 26, 2008

As usual.

3:15 AM 9/26/2008

Now Playing — [Anime-RG] Fate-stay night – Game Opening 2 [E396EF5A].mp4

Talk about spirituality. That fucker called me today for 1 hour and for the first time in my life we actually chatted quite long about it.

Ahhhhhh. Probably I’m just thinking too much.

Then now I’m torn between two sides, IWS or GUI?

… and then so much for letting go, I’m sober again now.

My eyes are practically closed like this -3-

Jason Mraz I’m Yours… Nice song.

Sometimes I just hope that I won’t be so mysterious and let other people understand me…

and sometimes what you really want is not potrayed in the way you want it to be…

Nothing is more tiring than a man without his own soul… I just lost mine a few days ago.

Mind games… sarcasm… lines… figure of speech… if only none of them actually existed.

Good old days.


If only I could tell my heart saying that I never knew you at all.


3:25 AM 9/26/2008

I wonder how long would it last… or in reality it is already ended.

~Lost My Soul~

Something Random

September 25, 2008

Yeah… I did something very random. Well I’m using Quek’s mouse for CoD and stuff, and still with me. My mouse however only have double click problems else it’s totally fine. But Quek’s mouse scroll damn slow lo, so I use both now, and when copying this tag I one hand on the quek’s mouse to drag and another on my mouse scrolling. xD

Well that’s random enough for me lulz.

1. The last person to tag you is?
Stephy lo. (What you expect to see anyway lol)

2. Your relationship with him/her?
Err, do I have a choice to answer this? XD
Friend that I get to know of from the internet forum, which is somehow a friend of mine that I met from the forum as well. Small world.

3. Your impression towards him/her?
All characteristics for a Leo girl is present. Which somehow portrays like a living Saber (besides the fact that the Saber I have in mind is pure and sexy and cute and slim and fair lol *roll eyes*)

4. The most memorable thing that he/she has ever done for you?
SMS-ed me during exams even though it’s expensive for her.

5. The most memorable words that he/she spoke to you?
Can’t really think of any so far, wait eh brain jam.
Maybe — Horny Smallkid? (well it’s not memorable >_>)

6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
*scratches head* never expect me to answer this question lol.

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will..
I don’t mind… Seriously.

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on…
Accepting the fact that I’m mysterious yet fun guy. =P

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is..
Enemy ah, can be a lot of reasons la actually. Makes not much of a difference.

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her is…
Define desirable man. WTH. Stay up late at night just to chat with her?

11. Overall impression towards him/her is…
Can be answered by an emoticon -> @_@
Why? *not gonna answer that lol*

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Me? Random, quiet. I’m invisible most of the time anyway.

13. The character for you for yourself is?
I don’t understand this question. I’ll answer it as to what I’d interpreted.

Maybe… the black cat in Azumanga Daioh? XD
*ohh* Damnit look at the bottom I baru understand. =.=

Lazy. Muahahhaha.

14. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
Lazy also. Which means I hate myself. WTF.

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
Ideal ah. Good in social dynamics, that’s what I’m lacking of.

16. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about him/her.
Ok first of all who do care for me and who like me pls drop me a PM kthxbai. xD
Something ah: actually no need to say lor. Action is always louder than words.

But in case that the action can’t be conveyed… then ah:
“Be happy. That’s just all that counts”

17. Ten people to tag.
NO need la it’s a dead tag anyway LOL.

But ok la, for the sake of the questions below I shall put 10 random ppl rofl.

  • Steph
  • Anna
  • Kristy
  • YC
  • Alexa (randomly pick from MSN xD)
  • Celestia
  • Jhen
  • Yy
  • Tuckie
  • Yaozz
  • Milozz (ok la ok la put you la xD)

18. Who is number 2 having a relationship with ?
Anna? No idea.

19. Is 3 a male or a female?
Female gua… LOL.

20. If number 7 and 10 got together, would that be a good thing ?
Holy shi- that would be epic D:

21. How about 5 and 8 ?
Alexa and Yy… Voodee will tiok him wei lol.

22. What is number 1 studying about?
Foundation in MMU.

23. When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Some are for quite some time ady, some frequent, some met in real life, got 1 messaging me right now lor =P.

24. Is number 4 single ?
Yes… I think sure change her status soon enough =3

25. Say something about number 2.

Ahh. Poor hammies. =( I wanna eat them one for supper xD

Random Thought

September 25, 2008

Texts are for readers who really read. Makes not much of a difference if you put it there or not. It’s just pure expression.

— AC


September 25, 2008

Tell you what, that’s the speed for UNMC Wifi. WTF? I also stuncock there when my eye went O_O during the 3k mark hit.

I wonder how fast youtube is lol.

and YES I’m in class now rofl.


September 24, 2008

12:08 AM 9/24/2008






Tired. Just came back from a very long day.


I wonder when will I be blogging about the leftover days in the trip… lol.



September 22, 2008

11:41 PM 9/21/2008
















Guess COD and Crysis increased my alertness by a bit lol.


Anyway, ‘double edged sword’. Very close proximity now. Refused to believe it.


AoD’s correct… Don’t be a good guy.


And yet, Marius Panzarella’s SDC rule num 1.




rAFC. >_<


Class starts tomorrow, let’s see who’s my current classmates for now.


AC. 11:56 PM 9/21/2008


September 22, 2008

2:23 AM 9/21/2008


Now Playing — Sachi Tainaka – Kimi to no Ashita


F/SN OST!!! 


Ok back to topic.


So last night slept at 3 (never knew that it’s already that late while CS-ing cos I keep dying no headphones cannot play well)


Then woke up around 10 something… damn bloody tired, don’t feel like going anywhere. In the end dragged myself up, brushed up and msged AngelOfDestruction AKA AdvocateOfDeath (I knew it much later after meeting him in person wtf) and he told me he went KL and needed me to go Pasar Seni.


So I don’t really care yet so I prepare everything and went for lunch. Then he told me he came back and can go Kajang KTM and fetch me lor. So deal AoD’s fetching meh.


Went Broga Pan Mee, ate there, and yeah the blended red bean FTW.


I’m craving for food now T_T


Anyway, after that me and Quek went campus as he needs to check email. I checked mine, and yeah browse around for a bit. Before and after this I went to SA to get the bus tickets, but SA seems to be closed T_T so yeah I boarded the bus without ticket and ID. Dangerous, but I talked politely to the driver and he let me up, warning me at least bring my ID along next time. well it’s not like I purposely don’t want to bring it I left it at home. @_@ *looks for ID*


No wonder I miss it as it’s in my other trousers. =.= wtf.


So took the bus to Kajang, took a quick nap, boarded the bus. Was around 2:40pm. Messaged AoD for his car num, model, color, and he replied Green Myvi 2829 (but in reality he made a mistake telling me his other car’s num plate WTF lol it’s 2898 -_-)


Waited till 3:10 pm, still no sight of that number plate nor someone calling me. So I messaged and he say coming. Finally I took out my rubiks and started playing lor damn boring UNDER the SUN. @@


He came, saw me, and not sure if I’m the one he’s looking for. (There’s me and a guy smoking, so it’s either one of us is eXPeri3nc3) He called, then I know it’s him, so I went across the road and waved, boarded the car, and left.


Intro-ed a bit, chatted a bit, then later yumchar while waiting for rourou (ini legendary trap) and AoD showed me some pics of the guys and girls in the gath la, so I roughly know how they look like. And Silverhawk is so small in size rofl. Well smaller size than me I guess.


See, playing dota have a good point, topic to talk about. Chatted with him about DotA rofl.


Then rourou came up, and I kept quiet the whole ride. AoD met Edmund malauzai and he followed us. 


Well apparently Edmund only met JS and another person before, but I met none of them before. So it’s quite freaky la especially when I got to know that there’s 23 of them inclusive of me lol.


I approached him and say hi, intro-ed, break the ice and we chatted a bit. Getting there…


Tried the ‘coconut flower wine’ or air nila I think or whatever you call it. I hate the taste. Ack. So finished it and never drank a single drop of it anymore afterwards.


More and more ppl came, and saw all of them. Wow. Bebee looks EXACTLY like a clone of KPuiYan WTFWTFWTFWTF and I met KPYan not long so I’m sure she’s exactly like her. Twin sister-lookalike. I went *blinks* she reminds me of someone then 2 hours later I’m like oh shit it’s KPY rofl.


Of course this one wild and naughty one la =P and English Speaking version rofl.


The perfection of the imperfection. Wow.


So in the end I ranted to 7chai as he said that he’s gonna teman me throughout the thing and he even left early due to wwlai87 need to continue his work. Well all ended up talking to each other a bit la, well I didn’t really talked to BB, Kikipi, JS. Others got.


Funny thing is, when I talked to PennyPupz, the first thing that pops into the conversation is GArena rofl and games we play. Fight of Characters!! OMGOMGOMGOMG.


Gamer = Gamer la for her xD


I even talked to boxhead, cool dude, and he’s fucking slim. T_T


Broken, cool dude, travelled so far just for the gathering.


7chai, that fella ah… reminds me of the converted versions of lala-zais. Rofl.


Silverhawk… ini ah during the 3rd session in a bar (I forgot the name) told his history in Secondary School… wasai damn nakal one lol. 


BeBee… interesting life she had. Well divorced parents, dad passed away, and her school life is seriously… wow.


Same goes to DazzyWazzy which is actually Silverhawk’s senior wtf. Tu AoD also sama, all nakal gang one, damn cool Highschool memories.


Me ah, fucked up shit in a fucked up town. Will never repeat the same thing in University again.


Rourou … ini actually a friendly girl… I actually teased her quite a bit for fun nia… but in the forums she completely different wei. I know I’m an asshole la last time thank you for pointing that out -_-


Stacial… never knew my sifu is actually the same age as me, she have a quite wide physique la. =S


RubyF… never attended anything this time. T_T JS was like saying “Eh ruby will be coming your wife laa” then all of the girls stare at me I direct gave them this -> -_- Then rourou say eh smile a bit la be happy I say “ok la ok la then gave them this =| then look away rofl.


WangPr… that dude ah, really lor, quite weird IMHO, but hey everyone’s different lol.


Kikipi… errr duwan to talk bad about other ppl la keep to myself.


Vicky aka BB… ini ah she’s damn tall lor. Looks decent =P Well never got the chance to talk to her tho.


JS… ini tak payah cakap no chance to butt in at all. Due to… *censored*


Techno… another cool dude.


Himesan… waa never knew she look that pretty compared to her pics xD and she’s just 18 while others are like 23~25. @@ 


Yukiz… yeah looks fucking young when I look fucking old. =.= AoD says it’s a good thing I look old =.=


Ah well, then saw Voodee and Alexa and said hi after eating. 


Vinann, waa he came and directly introduce, straightforward dude lol.


Wwlai87… borned with panda eyes, that’s why he is called panda rofl lol. Cool. Stressed dude tho. Poor him.


Wolf516 FFK due to exam.


I don’t think I left out anyone else… maybe one or two but ah well. Lol.


Ah edmund lor… etc.


In the end after eating seafood at Teluk Gong, went 2nd session yumchar at somewhere in Klang, I sit in the middle directly opposite Alexa and we just crapped lol. I sit beside silverhawk and our table joined in the middle was the most silent one. =.=


On the left Bebee AoD Dazzy and Wangpr, right those girls and tech hime and vinann.


3rd session only me hawkie AoD Bebee Dazzy went. Bangsar, one of the bars.


They told a lot of stories la, but I kept quiet for the whole session as I have a sad life in Secondary school nothing spectacular. =(


Ah well.


I forgot what I said but yeah it’s something like live life boring in a way that it’s wonderful.


So at the end of the gathering, I met a lot of people, tired, and now hitting the sack.




Steph didn’t reply, ah well.


So I learned something after tonight… Rules screw you up, rule yourself.


and the most important thing… I found… life.


AC. 2:54 AM 9/21/2008


September 22, 2008

1:14 AM 9/20/2008




Now Playing — New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra – Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-


First time listening to it. Damn cool.


Anyway I should be CS-ing right now, just now COD4-ed ady (first time and it’s so hard to play T_T), but ah well I might as well take some time to blog about it in a scrap. Lol. Daily blog-meal FTW.


So Hello World!


I’ll be off the internets till next week. Never checked my emails lately as I NEVER BEEN TO THE COMPUTER LAB BEFORE SINCE I CAME BACK. Such a miracle. I’ll explain why later.


Real soon in fact.


So I left Kampar after lunch, boarded the bus, and went back to Kajang with a fixed new-watch (Omega FTW xD), and my stuffs. Heavy like hell desuuuu. T_T


I am having a sore arm and legs by the time I reach Kajang. Late 5 minutes and the fucking bus disappeared wtf. Really damn fucking pissed. Then what can I do I walk to a nearet restaurant and bought a drink, sat there relax chill out a bit as I go back so early also no use.


Around 5 I ordered my dinner, took a taxi (RM25 increased RM5 WTF) and went back to my house. Lol.


Unpacked everything, mop the floor, sweep, vacumn the dust, and everything’s done around 7. Took my dinner first la of course. Sweating like hell ady, so took a bath and called up Brian (he’s here for the week wtf, Wee Kiat is here for 3 weeks++ lagi pro desu) and WALKED ALL THE FUCKING WAY TO TTS5. Wow, from TTS2 and the DARK road it’s scary / dangerous / you name it, but I keep walking with my laptop to his house, planning to go to the computer lab after visiting him.


Messaged Yih Chien when I was walking on that neverending dark path to TTS5 and cock-ing up that I planned to pay her an unexpected visit at night xD She panicked and said her room is messy and I shouldn’t be there. Rofl.


Then she know that I visit Brian she sounded so damn happy =.=


But once I went to Brian’s house, met a knew guy, older than Michael, older than me 4 years++ studying Year 1 now =.=||| He worked before la. Melvin is his name.


Went up to Brian’s room, ended up DotA and Anime Fight. =.= As usual I beat him la no need to say ady one =P Full fledge item for Clockwerk vs Skeleton King. @@ Well I get BoT, AC, Shiva, Vladmir, Battle Fury, MKB. The 3 aura colors damn awesome sial.


It was 2am ady, I missed the bus back to TTS2 (11pm) and didn’t go to campus. The eerie part is to walk THAT DAMN LONG PATH in the middle of the night, I’m scared seriously for the first time lol as I’m carrying a lappie. No next time.


Went back home sweating like hell ady so I rested a while and direct KO on bed. Damn tired ady.


Legs got water patches damn pain today, legs super sore, and lost 2 slippers. Think Kwang’s dad threw it away wtf. =.=


There goes all my groundnuts, ikan bilis, soup stocks, sauce etc in the fridge. Aih.


So anyway today woke up, reluctant to get up too tired ady, then walked to campus. Didn’t know there’s an incoming bus to campus (now I know how it works and I won’t be that dumb anymore to walk that far).


Seriously, today I walked quite a lot, I’m gonna get super slim if that goes on. Wasai, talk about cardio exercise when the temperature is around 34 degress Celsius.


Ah yeah Brian ‘crafted’ a Japanese voice singing Negaraku. Super ownage! I love it, damn cute! Yesssss It’s true. I’ll upload it soon once I have internet access and get it from him rofl. I tell you after you listen to this you wouldn’t want to listen to the normal original song rofl.


Let’s see, sweating like hell when I walked to campus, meet up Brian, wasted a lot of credit calling him and people. Ahh. 


Went to the registration, and the fucking bitch pisses me off really. Fuck you Finance need the offer letter to proceed with the registration.


So this is what happened:


I told Eric Ng I am Star Scholarship recepient. He led me into the room, so I sat down and told her my name. Checked and I am a receipent of the aforementioned scholarship. Fine, then she ASKED ME FOR THE OFFER LETTER 2 YEARS AGO WTF. IT’S OLD AN D I NEVER EVEN NEED TO USE THAT TO REGISTER FOR 4 FUCKING TIMES. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU BITCH!??!?!


So met Jon, and he dragged CY to send me home. Thanks both, took that damn offer letter (thank god I still have it in a old file, after this should I fucking laminate it or not >_>) and went back to register. Now a malay girl took over that table, and I register WITHOUT the need to show the offer letter. Fuck.


I directly complain to her and the rest of the staff just laugh. WTF.


But anyway I told her this, ‘I’m gonna slap her if she’s gonna ask me for an offer letter to register next time’ and they laughed again. Too bad the 2 indian ladies is not there if not I fling my file towards their face ady (you bet I will).


You have no idea how tired and how many time I wasted for that stupid Bitch. Registration took less than 10 seconds of my life, print the invoice and I’m done. WTF.




Then I went out with Brian and Michael to town, supposedly I drop down at TTS2, but then the bus didn’t go inside, so I’m like eh wtf nvm la just go Semenyih. Then at Semenyih only we noticed that it’s FRIDAY 1 PM, so the bus is to the MOSQUE not anywhere else, we are screwed. Brian and Michael need to go to Kajang and head to KL to do their house stuff and apply for Maxis BB. Me, go lunch, and buy a pair of slippers, and some other stuffs which in the end I didn’t get any due to time constrain.


I learned how the bus works, and took the ride back at around 1:55pm. Thank god Brian gave me a ticket, so I can board home. zzz need to take the ticket lehhh from SA. Oh yeah tomorrow. Oh shit need to go campus first aaaaaaaa.


I mean today, it’s already 1:34 AM 9/20/2008 =.=


Now Playing — Yoko Shimomura – Dearly Beloved (I love this)


Sweet piano and music, love it. ❤


Well Brian is now here CS-ing with Quek. Yeah Quek moved in today. With his stuffs, wow. Tonnes of them.


Saw his lubricated Rubiks with vaseline, I dare not try as it will eat the core, he says nvm just get a new one wtf. =.=


So let’s see. I ended up getting a RM3 slippers next to 7 eleven, ate at MultiChoice across the road, and walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus. Talked to a Nigerian guy, chatted with him for a bit and found out he went Kampar, UTAR for a tour wtf my hometown weeee and we laughed when he said kampar and I said I’m from Kampar xD


Epic. Priceless indeed.


Quek took us to Broga for dinner just now, and he chatted like 1 hour when Roey and another guy came to our table. Online games etc. I just stone there. Me only rubiks, cards, dota, girls (?), computers?


In the evenings before Dinner saw Quek playing DEVIL MAY CRY 4 with his Desktop and gamepad (yes the PS gamepad specially for computers~! omgomgomgomg) and DMC4 is so fucking cool! No wonder so many ppl are crazy about it. 


Same goes to COD4 when I played it with Vladmir (his invited friend), [yes it’s vladmir same spelling for vladmir’s offering I guess xD], COD4 hard to play, but quite fun. Keep dying la @_@


So today, either Meet up AoD first ask him to fetch me, or Silverhawk.


Basically it’s either Pasar Seni, or Kelana Jaya. AoD says that Pasar Seni is nearer. Hmmm. Might choose AoD gua. I still need to topup my touch and go card. Aaa left with 2 bucks when I come back. >_>


Never mind la just pay. I think I can come back gua after that gathering dinner in Klang. See how. Tomorrow morning message AoD again and see if he can drop me at Kajang KTM when he come back. If can settle. If cannot might head to Ampang and bug caleb for the night xD or a Hotel if needed. (pokai lor)


Hopefully it’s a good one la.


The whole day right… I’d been thinking of someone… Hmmmm.


So goodnight world. CS tiem D:


AC. 1:42 AM 9/20/2008