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Now Playing — Howl & J – Perhaps Love(사랑인가요)

Geez winamp can’t render chinese playlist well. All chinese songs gone. -_-

4:16 AM 8/25/2008

Yes i know I should be sleeping. Later need to travel whole day again. Sigh. Who ask the travel agency to come up with a problem with insufficient travelers and then now if refund it’s gonna be not-so-worthy for us… fuck.

Yeah right… it’s written in the RnR and they never even highlight it to us.

Business Tactics 101. Pwnd.

My eyes -> ._-

Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, and no longer available.

Dota-ing late at night is tiring. @@


Ok la let me go to bed.
what happened to this? I miss this… =(
AC. [4:20 AM 8/25/2008] In between… lies a story.


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