Double Edged Sword


Never ceases to amuse me that whenever it happens, I just have to respect my insticnts.

Now let’s see…

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Buddha said, forget about revenge, angst, and scars. Let them go.

For me, that’s what that kept me going. Even though it’s painstaking and kills you, but in Judgment Day I trust.

Never challenge a lad’s pride and ego. The weird thing about society is whenever there’s something to do with pride, it will co-relate with ego-ity. Not only it’s damaging to the name, it’s damaging to the body too (fights for instance). Some might even die during the process (“You have a small ****”, then jumps off a 7 floor apartment).

Whenever you value a sword, make sure of 2 things. Where is it’s scabbard, and what type of sword that is.

Why did I say so? Scabbard is the only thing that will keep the sword away from External touches (war, bloodshed, etc). It’s more of like a cleansing agent / anti-depressants or along those lines.

What about the type then? Well if only swords have Type R (pun intended), we won’t see warriors yielding their swords, we’ll see flying lightsabers (Yeah like in Star Wars, I was never a fan of it).

Point 1, what if it’s a double edged sword?
– How can you handle such a sword?
– How do you plan to use the sword at full potential?
– How to make sure it doesn’t point back at you when you’re done with?

Imagine… holding the end of the sword, you pierce into a rival’s heart… and don’t forget the end itself is an edged sword as well. You WILL get hurt during the process.

It requires tact and a clear sense of logic in understanding that matter.

Now, Divine Rapier is the best example. When you have it, you pwn ppl. When you die, it GTFO-s from your hand, and you’re screwed.

I’m tilting my body from left to right and back and forth. I like to do that.. damn.

3:38 AM 8/17/2008

People might ask, why so serious?

I would say, life IS serious since the beginning, just that we are not.

So, stop being an idiot and put a smile on that cranky face.

Now, Canon IXUS 80 IS or Canon Powershot A580… Mmm.

Choices… the road not taken.

Well do you suggest me to have a mental breakdown in front of my parents?


So much for the given ‘independence’.


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Thinking back of what I’d been through… there’s always this one question in my mind…

“Will it be better if you never choose this road afterall?”

A person brought me a very disturbing but true idea. _ isn’t bad, but don’t over do it. Yes, for me I liek _ a lot, just that come to think of it I see that _ is pulling me down the rabbit hole.

“To clear a little place at the corners of my mind”

Now Playing — Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant – Way Back Into Love

Thank you Xn.

Guess I’m lost… again.



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