3:57 AM 8/17/2008

Mario Williams – I Don’t Want To Know

I, not more than one in a million,

extremist one could say.
mockery is what I pay,
obstinate as I may.

being cool as I seem,
explaining how silent had I been,
calm as what I deem,
active and keen,
underestimating me is not a wise judgement,
since I swear you will face the torment,
excruciating pain while walking down the Hell’s pavement.

ordinary as what I look like,
flying in air as I’m no different from a string-holded kite.

yes I am interesting,
only for me to know for you to find out about everything,
unique-ness is what I’m always painting.

“But in the end…”

*read the first alphabet of every sentence*

4:09 AM 8/17/2008


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