Now Playing — 金莎 – 02.换季

I need someone to talk to. =(

Ok, I looked around my stats in wordpress, and I am fascinated at how the way the society works, online. Random shit happens, just like someone who quoted back a link that he commented like 1 year ago, and then re-mention about that emo-post like 2 days ago. That’s… “wow”. Lol.

Next, I never knew that one article… can make googlebots lurking all over your… particular article. Lar. Of course, I don’t mind Google to cache everything and every crap post I exalted with emo-ness and hatred at times and the whole world can see it via Internet Archive. Wow. =.= Well, as if I’m running any adverts on my site… duh. I couldn’t care less tho… just hoping to help people.


Now Playing — Kawai Kenji – Kishi Ou no Hokori

Nice song.

I got that song that time when I downloaded the whole album just for Song 31 – Keiyaku. Well…………………… that time I was looking for the song, and I don’t know the name. Somehow someone asks me to find it… so out of nowhere after a few days I started asking and guessing, took a shot in it, and found it. Bukan main gembira that time. After that, used that song, liked it, and never changed it for my BGM in blogspot ever since (it’s not like there are visitors to that place anyway so I couldn’t really care much…. right…) Then handed it over, and case closed.

Fate/Stay Night… reminds me of a bold, strong, cute, kawaii, innocent, Leo horoscope, King Author Female Version… Saber. Avalon… right… never see that coming tho… should have guessed it out.

Which reminds me I still haven’t played the game. I need to get it from Caleb during Sept… gotta play it. Yes, I’m a F/SN freak. Bleach too. Ah, I got rickrolled by Dattebayo freaking trolls. After this, I’m gonna look at the review sites to make sure they aren’t rickrolled. I don’t know that it’s summer hols in Jap (confirmed it with Cubbie when she is there for 14 days and heading back Malaysia tomorrow[today]).

Ah well.

I dota-ed with ellokawan and gang, but NOT with them, as an opponent. Bloody hell damn tough match man. Just that if the stupid omni didn’t leave game we would have a chance to win the game, all late game heroes. Sigh. Too bad. That was really a well played game.

I what would happen if you put ellokawan’s team with Wolf’s team. huh.gif


Andrewlee- joined WCG and entered quaterfinals. Wow.

That shows he got skills and not blank arrogant talk lol.

o2mania? Err I improved in some songs and deterioriated in some songs… I can no longer FC Sonatine. T_T


Cards? Abandoned.

Rubiks? Haven’t touched them yet.

Website for HeHeHunter’s domain? Not yet.

Install Apache server and PHP server? OMG.

Which includes HTS Application #3 omgomgomg.

Downloaded Jet Li Fearless (rocks!), Batman – The Dark Knight (ok la erk), 21 (Gonna watch it soon), Wall-E (weee!)

Over her dead body, and some random movies are still on my to-watch list.

Now Playing — Emi Fujita – True Colors

I dedicate this song for Anna, as it sings what I want to say. Nice song. But wait… I don’t mind la but lol. I forgot the lyrics is as such XD Ah whatever.

Discharging my lappie, letting my charger to discharge the heat as well.


Not getting enough sleep lately…

Slept at 4 (I promised myself to emo until 4 for…), 5:30 (Fearless! Ass stuck to the chair), and TBA (I don’t know what time should I sleep, maybe early? lol).

So Yih Chien is going to FAM…. sleep.gif Business… tsk tsk tsk.

What, no girls coming to Computer Science?! Hui Joo’s leaving for UK, so left Hadiseh? O_O God.

CoABH gathering is on… roadtrip on (sigh…) … Campus tour… Oh shi-


I wanna sleep through it… zzzz damn boring.

“Wake me up when Sept ends”

Cos that’s when the real deal kicks in. Hopefully the task by then will bring my charismatic self back to life.

The eXPeri3nc3 you know died a few weeks ago.



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