Now if only an emoticon can be inserted into the post title… Hmmmm.

Woots. (Why I feel being used/played everytime being asked questions?)
Now Playing – Linkin Park – Breaking The Habit.

Yes! Accurate song for a kickstart.

“Memories consume… like opening the wound… I’m taking me apart again”

*shakes head*


Travelling to Ipoh is tiring. It’s like taking the bus, then walk here, wait for someone to fetch, do whatever I/who need to do, rest for a while, dinner, and travels back to town. Whole day trip. @@

Well the only thing that made me stuncock bigtime was my superficial ability to freeze in front of someone without spilling a single word, or maybe just a “Hi”. I was completely devastated as if I was given a threat not to speak or die kinda thingy. That sucked.

Which reflects to what I am facing, the ability to stone. Not touching something and turn it into gold (well I wish that to happen but somethings in life are too good to be true). Now, it’s more like, when you wanted to initiate, then you stopped. Something is bringing you back, gluing you at square one. You look around, ponder again, and then made jurisdication that it’s not what you should be doing. You retreat, hence nothing happens. = =

Ouch my ear hurts, it’s like some ultrasonic wave just hit my ears. @@ Something is wrong. Perhaps not enough sleep (mum always say that).

o_O Mariah Carey – Hero? *skip*

Weee Sting – Every Breath That You Take

Hmmm… so as usual, I came back, dota-ed. Slept. Woke up, same routine. Nothing much to be highlighted for the past few days, even there is it’s negligible and not important; insignificant; to others that is.

I was wondering… if you are somehow startled with a decision in which you think that what the opposing party’s thinking or reaction matters to you the most, will you still waste your time thinking about it and pondering on what you should and shouldn’t do?

In a simple manner, it’s like ’cause and effect’ mentality. “If I give her a teddy bear / lolipop / candy what would she respond? Will she follow me to the goldfish shop? Will she <insert here>, <insert there>?” Somehow admittedly I’m facing the same problem as my dad, the mentality just kicks in when decision-making is necessary.

Well reading up on bipolar disorder in Wikipedia, (thanks to Weroth) I never knew that it would be that serious. I do not consider myself to be fully bipolar disorder, but definitely I’m showing traits of such behaviourism. Nevertheless, be it what I have or not, what matters the most is how to curb / cure it.

Environment factors played a major role in a kid’s development and perception towards life. Tell me if I’m wrong at this, but if you live in a place where you shouldn’t be, and it’s killing you, what do you think that you will become in the future?

Now Playing – Lene Marlin – A Place Nearby

“Heaven is just a place nearby” — Sounds scary to me.

Seems to be a nice song. Hmm I do have a collection of nice songs somewhere in my HDD. Not bad. Worth the time to take it from Caleb’s friend lol.

Ah yeah until now I still haven’t watch Dark Knight = =

Bleach coming out… tomorrow on Thrusday wooot.

I never knew I have “Dont Cry For Me Argentina”!!! Lol.

I can still remember the time I heard this song in the TV… lol XD

How young was I that time… I can’t recall.

To give up or not to give up?

Let’s see… the first thing I gave up in life… was… myself?

Well no one was born a genius (even there is doesn’t mean that you will start to think like one since you’re born) and obviously when you can’t do something when you’re small you will either throw tantrums, forget about it, and walk away.

Cards… cards…. cards… Lee Asher’s Vid and IBelieve… damn.


sUBs posted in Technical Support. Now I got no face to post there ady… no face to face him. T_T

Countdown to UNiM – 1 month–

” to vacation – 2 weeks–

” to extreme makeover – 3 weeks++ (Impossible of the impossible)

All I know is… Unity = strength. (due to a few straight games in DotA lol)

Viruz damn you you FFK me last night!!!!! Grrr.

Rubiks… gonna order the DIY set and maybe an additional sheet of PVC / Nonslide stickers.

I still haven’t change the songs in my hp… haven’t even reload it lol… so far I don’t find any necessary reasons for me to.

It’s more like… sometimes you ask a question, you will have an array of comebacks… right? So when someone asks you a question, you will have a handle of operations to which you should reply and how you should reply. More like, if else statements lolz. The thing is, what if the answer is not within the boudaries of your if else statements. For say, “Do you like me?” – What if the person replies, “Do I know you?” That kind of effect, which makes you drop your jaw, or cracks you, or just makes you stun there for a few seconds and you realised that you PM-ed the wrong person (if that really happens, that’s shitty man).

I feel like being a celibate wth… Abstain from talking to girls, touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, etc.

Ghost in a shell… no, Alex in a shell. How does that sound?

*stares at the aircond*

University’s starting… *peon sound* Work work.

Recently I chatted with someone and told someone about something which is inter-related. So I get quite out-of-the-blue comebacks and stuns. Stunning effect kicks in from my part, not the opponent.

*rubs eyes*


I don’t really know how to control it.

*stego-ed post*



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