Quick One


2:11 AM 8/11/2008

First of all, thanks HeheHunter for giving me your .org domain CPanel access! Will play with it soon. =D 3GB Storage OMG. Lol.

Second, tomorrow going to Ipoh again, Visa stuffs. Sigh. Wanna wake up late also cannot.

Third, finally dota-ed with Viruz and no DC FINALLY FGS.

Forth, thank you ***** (you know who you are)

Fifth, Anna, oi what happened weh. =.=

Sixth, you ah… always make me lol and feel sad. =w= Yes you the one that sounds like XcN.

Seventh, I always felt the same way I felt since I first knew you… I’m just waiting for a chance.


*Now Playing — 周杰伦 – 东风破

** Second Edit — Logic for random array picking done =D =D weroth… Nyahahah XD


One Response to “Quick One”

  1. stephanie Says:

    update ur blog lah

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