Ok la for the sake of a nice date…


Happy 08/08/08 to everyone (despite the fact that by the time of this posting it’s already 09/08/08. Who cares)

Let’s see… the last time this date occurred is around 100 years ago… What makes this date so special this year is well of course the repititive 08’s and apparently in the Chinese Lunar Calendar it’s the 8th day of the week. It means two things, 08/08/08 is really a nice day (heck even ppl marry on this date just for the sake of the nice number and meaning in Chinese belief), and, directly next week is the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Which reminded me of what I’d lurked around last night. I stumped upon a thread stating all those scary places one could visit if they wanna look for paranormal activities or ghosts. So… I shared my experience, and read what other ppl posted. There’s like 70++ pages and I would be a fool to go through everything, I have better things to do.

Oh yeah air-cond is on in my room. Let’s phase-shift. *closes lid*

*opens lid* Done.

Woo cold room. =D *hugs pillow*


Where am I? So the thread was an eye opener for me, well based on what I read that is. People are just… unlucky when they bump into those kinda stuffs. Of course, unless you’re bored, daredevil, and have an itchy ass to attempt something new, that’s a different story. No sane man on earth would like a spirit to follow him around and disturb his life. N O NO.

For the blessed, they are lucky. So who falls into this criteria? I would say, those that can feel, but cannot see stuffs for the rest of their life no matter how “suei” they are. Now, at least you know it’s there, so you can either do something about it or ignore it, and then be somehow calmer than those who can actually see it.

So end of paranormal discussion. Well I have yet to try (hopefully not), salt and lemon, good wards for those stuffs. Hmmm.

I wonder why but I feel like exercising my… typing skills? No, I could do better than that. Cock talking skills? No there are a bunch of people out there that’s way better than what I am doing right now. Play around with words? Maybe.

As I opened my eyes, I glanced at my wristwatch. It’s around 8:30 AM. I tilted to the ceiling and fell asleep. Then, it’s about 10 where my eyes opened again… so I’d decided to sit on my chair and have a glance at my laptop (I’m downloading dark Knight, which completed after a few mins later). HP alarm clock rang, and I stopped it. It’s somehow a nature for me to have a soul-bond with my possessions… For example my wristwatch and HP. Everytime 1 minute or so before the alarm rings, if I am not too tired or flatten out, I will definitely be awake. Cool huh?

So I woke up, then called her. Never pick up the phone, so I guess she’s busy. Forget about it, and I dropped on my bed falling back asleep. Then I heard msn’s message tone, so I checked. Steph messaged me, and said I should be awake. Well thanks to her I cannot go back to sleep even though I’m tired… but ah well guess I’ll just stay awake. De-frosted my brain, was kinda blur and stuck when it comes to thinking and analysing early in the morning during wake up process where my mind is still in deep trance — sleeping.

Nothing beats a good bath. After refreshing myself, I ranted as she made me awake =P So then later on she went offline to study, and I have my breakfast (for the first time after so long), I ate at 12. Wow. Lol.

Then I forgot what I did =X Ah yeah checked Dark Knight, and thanked that fella in his thread. Quite… clear for the audio, but since it’s a screencapture… The video quality is just so-so. Some might even consider it as rubbish (Jeevan) but hey, as long as I get free movies and I’m not ranting about it.

Just that I would be better off downloading either Indiana Jones (which I can’t find a DVDRIP for it), the Mummy Returns (still waiting), Hancock (*****************), or some random nice movies. Not a fan for superheroes.


Then, I… dota-ed? Ah yesh. Mirana, never kill, and seldom get killed until late game. Lost. WTF. Opponent too gay ady. Bloody FV. Zzz. (But then at night eeeyooo’s mirana kicks ass lol).

Then… Kuwakchai-ed for a while, keep getting bullied… <_< Damnit. The day will come where I get Istana Zakariah and trash you guys’s asses (well by the time I get it, those guys up there will really be in heaven enjoying their overloaded stats).

LYN for a while, and then thought of coding. Braindead somehow, no mood to code in my dull and dark room. I decided to do something about it. So I blasted music, as usual, I like music. Lol. Loud music.

Emm, ok let’s just said I’m really bored after that, and I actually read and read out loud for the newespaper. Later on I kept quiet as I suddenly feel lazy =P Then just glanced at the news, and that’s it. Read the Star 2 Leisure Section, as usual, my fave since I was a kid.

Put newspapers aside, I look at the floor, and think about my house… Suddenly this guai-zai thought came into my mind, I should do some housekeeping. Normally I would say fuck-no OMGWTFBBQSAUSE.

Then again, I have a life. So I opted for the other answer — Just do it.

Get my ass off the chair, and I went to the sink. Browse through the available fatal liquids (if you drink it, DUH) and took the floor cleaner. Poured it, filled it, and stirred with the mop. Now, I wonder where the mop is as LAST time back in TTS 5 in KL where I stayed it’s always in the bathroom. Then I looked into my bathroom and saw an innocent looking broom over there. *Click* and I dashed to the backdoor. It’s been years since I went to the back part of my house after the recent renovation. It’s damn nice now, comapred to last time lol XD Dad roofed the “empty space” (which is now filled with boxes and stuffs) and it looks… like an open-shelf lot. Lol.

Grabbed it, went back in, and started mopping. Well before that rule of thumb, sweep the floor first. I did, and apparently something weird about the rooms or halls in my house IS no matter how many times you sweep the floor, seconds later you will see hair flying around lurking around mercilessly on some corners around the area. Damnit. So as I’m mopping the floor I’m like “Damnit there’s still dust / hair over here?” Well my mum keeps a long ponytail, and my mother isn’t exactly young, so losing her hair ain’t a big deal.

From what seemed like an eternity, I mopped the first hall, my room, and the second hall. By the time I finish the second hall, I look at the pail of water and the first impression that came to my mind, “Wow, kopi-o color, just like my mum’s drink.” Well by no means I’m disgracing her by making her look like drinking that crap but yeah it’s kinda dirty. I wonder what makes me mop my house today. Mmmm.

Turned on the fans, and let it dry. Everything done in… around 30 minutes.

So I prepared to move out to my first hall. Feels good after I cleaned the floor. The exact same feeling like what me and Cornelius did for my first hall in TTS 5 that time. It’s just cool when you can sit there and use your laptop while tapping into neighbours wifi with your feet being CLEAN. (Yeah, that house is fking dirty).

Then, I brewed coffee for mum, and greeted her as soon as she came back. I asked her if she notices any difference after she put down all of the stuffs. Well my mum is very quick in noticing stuffs (provided if I hinted her unlike my dad .__.) and said waa today so guai one dai sek XDXD

I went o_O lol XD

Then as usual I kwc-ed, and lurked around, and started coding while watching movies.

Dad came back, and then discussed with my mum on what should they do for their Visa thingy.

Chatted a while with Kristy, and I have something to make sure, soon.

Then I think I played with Jason that time.. yeah. Maybe sometime later XD

Anyway, parents bought dinner, I ate it, and watched Olyimpics Live from Beijing, in TV1 at 8:30 PM. I’m correct about TV Stations, they never stop a news report for something (well it applies for Malaysia govt).

It’s awesome, for the opening ceremony. After that, it’s tad boring. I went dota with Jason, and he left because… his friend suck. Me too XD

I joined Wolf516 and gang, and played. Which reminds me I’m 5 secs late and they start the game when I went and wash my face. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh well.

Oh 11 friends online in GArena. Wow.

So yeah there goes my day. Been working on the NullCipher.java thingy too. So far so good, I hope. Just kinda worried on how should I use the substring for removing the alphabets after the first occuring alphabet. @@

I haven’t watch Bleach. =X

Guess this ends it. Ahh.

“People tend to look too far in the future, resulting negliance in the present, which makes them lose what they already have”.

Alex. [2:27 AM 8/9/2008]


One Response to “Ok la for the sake of a nice date…”

  1. stephanie Says:

    LOL my parents keep complaining, saying that SEEEEEE this tv 1 stupid wan.. NEVER wanna miss out their news report.. walao eh.. XD

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