*teary eyes*


Wow… *sniff*

While someone is enjoying and I somehow chatted with Michael (never expecting that as it’s 3AM++ and he appear offline =.=) and get to know that Susan’s BF is his friend. Small world. I told Susan and she gave her her standard flatface reply -> -_- Oh yes. If she didn’t do it, she’s not Susan. Lol.

Small small world.

Then out of the blue after feeling bored and tired, and <insert here>, I went back to TSF (techsupportforum), the motherland of ComboFix and all the elites and gurus and whatever-you-call it lol. Ok that’s not exaggeration as there are cool and powderful plus high ranked not forgetting KNOWLEDGEABLE people there (goes without saying sUBs, tetonbob, Ried, etc =D)

My ex teachers… I miss them terribly. =(

Then when I clicked on my profile (cos I miss my Senior Trainee Analyst Tag and the yellow nick) I found out that suddenly my nickname changed from Black to… RoyalBlue.

Then I checked the footer of the site stating that color — TSF Enthusiast.

TSF recognises my efforts!!! AT least I guess… =P Still I love my nick being blue… Lol.

I miss TSF terribly… But too lazy to join back academy as it’s gonna take a lot of time… it’s not like I’m not willing to do it… I’m… scared. .______.

I don’t know sUBs or Ried will be reading this or not (say hi pls if you guys do =D) they will always be respected by me deep in my heart. Your contributions towards the internet community will not go unnoticed. The force is strong in the Team!

Which reminds me for once in my life I miss going into Security Hole T_T

Sigh good old days.

Here’s a screenie of my new cool royalblue status. =P *don’t mind if I brag a bit since I lost my STA title T_T*


TSF Enthusiast. Well I am. Even my profile in MyT that time I put techsupportforum.com as my website. =P

Hardcore eh lol.

TSF… I hope I will be terribly missed there, even though I’m nobody.

sUBs fave quote “I am nobody”.



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