I need a haircut!

Craft a Java program for “Null Cipher”.

Trash noobs at GArena, and master DotA (right…)

Take control of myself and don’t get obsessed by kuwakchai.com

Slaps *AMOG* into my head and work on that direction.

Get a life.

Find anything that can melt my brain whenever I get braindead or brainfreezed like now.

Until now I still haven’t install Apache and PHP server. =.= Gah

I guess I really need to re-define the word holiday in my dictionary.

Ah yes, secrets are cool, but when you keep it too much, it will lose it’s purpose, and there’s no point in keeping it anymore.

Secrets are meant to be unveiled, just like promises are meant to be broken.

On a sidenote, thanks to Weroth this evening I manage to learn that nyoro~n (what Jeevan likes to do) is a cancer for /b/. Oh damn.

Ah yeah, here’s random.



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