3:20 PM 8/6/2008

Before I start, my apologies for any misunderstandings and such.

OMG I hate this song but wth

Now Playing — 光良 – 约定


Ok. Woke up, brush up yesterday, only to find that there’s no WATER SUPPLY (in the end it came back, around 9 PM?).

Was really pissed… not really, but started the day with such things ain’t gonna make this cheerful. My guess was correct. Forcefully I have to use Kampar Jaya’s mountain bloody cold water and showered. Brainfreeze instantly.

Ate, and I feel tired. Lethargic I think. I don’t know, I’d been lying on my bed till 5 something when my mum came back and I’m forced to wake up and prepare her coffee. So yeah my internet connection is somehow fucked up, I see Steph messaging me but I can’t reply. =.=

Then I wanted to reply but feel really really emotional that time. Around 7? Don’t know why but I’d been really really silent even to myself (I know shit happens so…) then I decided to ignore everyone (safety precaution, you don’t want me to talk to you when I don’t answer you and If I do take responsiblilty for what you will hear). Been isolataing myself till 4am in the morning.

That’s one of the worst times I’d ever been through.

Elaine called and ask me to ask my mum for approval to stay in her house during her hols… lagi no mood ady.

Don’t know what I’m doing for the whole night… only until 3AM I regain back my senses and finally got a hold of myself. Feeling bad for ignoring her messages, very very bad. But I’m scared that I will make her unhappy by whatever I’m gonna say… so I chose her to be mad at me instead of losing her.

Well perhaps my Winamp is PMS-ing, as no matter how I shuffle the playlist, each and every song that comes out sounds emo. Now I really when wtf when I came to realise it. @_@


Then around 4AM I spammed Caleb… I thought he’s sleeping. Then we talked a bit he cocked a bit then I’m ok again lol.

But but but… thank god I’m doing hackthissite around 3AM… if not I really wasted my day emo-ing. God.

But… I wonder… Sigh being emotional really sucks.

This attack was way different from what I’d been through tho… On the outside I still look ok and parents didn’t notice a thing… normally if I really really tranced into emo-ing there’s this certain aura that keeps people away from me (kwang saw that before lol)… so damnnnnnnn.

In short, bad music, no water, pissed off over matters, been wondering, choices… yeah.

As a conclusion to the equation of my yesterday’s weird MIA from the internets:

Bad Start = Bad Hairday = Bad Day.

I really got a slap in the face when she sms-ed me. I almost felt like… IDK. It’s beyond words. I manage to make myself crap something out of my speechless state. I really went staring at the screen *jaws hanging* for 10 minutes even though it’s just a simple question where normally I can answer it in less than 30 seconds?

But I think I’m okay now. I don’t know about her. I need to clarify this just in case other ppl think that I got kidadultnapped or some sort.

Well for those who care to read my blog and no recent updates, I’m really sorry for that.

Guess today’s ressurection day.



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