Ok la…


Since I’m having my hols… I shall enable spidering for Google Bots… more traffic to my blog XD

I’ll disable it again once University starts… just in case at times my posts went a bit too far and overboard, that’s a safety precaution to get my ass out of trouble AGAIN.

Learn from mistakes, I will.

Now Playing — Linkin Park – From The Inside

I played with Wolf516! He’s good! Despite the fact that I get FB while using Witch Doctor and owned the game lulz. =P But feeded with… what was it again… ah yeah Omni… I suck at Omni. ._.

Kuwakchai is quite addictive XD But kena trashed. >_> Ah well.

So ugh I’ll skip the page for tomorrow. Sleeping early.


Today ah… I practically -> = = Yeah look like that.

Got scolded for sleeping late (which is at 2:30 but finally slept at 5). What the hell can I do?

Booked tickets, and going to Hainan during Sept with my family and pet-sis’s family excluding her dad.

*heaves a sigh*

Oh yeah she received the parcel.

My mission accomplished. Finally. After all these months.


Now Playing — M2M – The Day You Went Away

Umm… Nothing much la.

Anna lost her MSN. Someone hacked her account IINM.

Tuckie’s having exams. Yy dunno go where do what etc. Yaozz missing us. Me missing them too.

Me still have 2 months of holidays… but in his heart there’s always something there.


I only have a bolster to hug. *sobs*



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