Ok… Finally


Now Playing — Eden of Paradise – Cyber Trance

Stoning to this song now while waiting for wordpress to load. Don’t know why “Write Post” page in WP always take the most time to load. Sheesh. Regardless of IP.

Now, I think my hp is expired by now, and decided to keep it as is… lol. Freeze it wahahha =w=

Then again, getting trashed by Indonesian Players ain’t really a fun thing, but it really teach me something, when you’re in a group, with co-operation, everyone can shine. That’s what happened to my old Viper match.

… and yeah getting pwnd when I am Luna is not really a proud thing to say but hey, it’s fun. Just god fucking knows how the hell Witch Doctor’s stun and that fat fugly panda’s AOE slow can stack the damage up to like 500. My god.

Anytime when I die more than 3 times, super pussy mode on. @_@

God I forgot lainbowbutt might be reading this… LOL. =w=||| But what the hell, I don’t even expect ppl like silverhawk to read my blog O_O <- Yes I look like that when I found out.

XECencryption… lol. I’m having weird thoughts with it. I wonder if I could write a recursive function in Java and slowly shift Dec Numbers. =\ Try tomorrow.

Err I mean today. It’s 3AM in the morning.

Yes reading ebooks… wa…wai….waiiii…waittttt Did I say ebooks? WTF? I don’t even expect myself to touch any ebooks at all in my life besides exam period and assignments… like Java. =P This is the first time I am so mesmerised in the ebook. Now if only I can do the same for my Java ebooks and Harry Potter (god don’t remind me)… damn.

So I woke up as tired as I can remember, and it’s friggin cold. I’m shrinking beneath my towel.

I had a weird dream. Well it’s REALLY impossible for it to happen. But wtf, sUBs came into my dream. O_O and and and… he challenged me and several other people to get through a hidden level, *something like hacking MMOPRG, I’m not sure* and I really ter-stuncock in my dreams that it snaped me awake. Lol.

Might be getting a DIY rubik’s cube, bulk order, and also cards *fuck I haven’t been practicing lately* Since my birthday is near, and no one else on earth will get me a birthday present, I think that DIY should be it. Sad right.

Tho I can still recall I get my first BMX bicycle during chirstmas day. I’m still sleeping in the masterbedroom with my dad. I felt weird as my dad keep on talking to me diverting my attention that mum is not around. (Later on in my life I got to know that she went to town and brought back the bicycle) and yeah as a kid, I don’t think THAT much so I just keep quiet in bed. I don’t really recall the details, but I was really happy to see a bicycle in front of the old faithful christmas tree.

Speaking of Xmas tree I wonder where did ours went to… I don’t think my mum threw it away, even though it came to her before. My cute lil teddys will be sitting down the xmas tree with lights all over the tree. *and that’s the time I get electrocuted everytime I touch the damn switch for the light*

Wait it’s too early for christmas so scrap it. Lol.

I’m gonna ask a person regarding something… as it’s weird. Imagine someone typing something, then dc and never appear online again.

Err, guess it’s time to really brush up on my DotA skills, AND RUBIK’s (which I have been actively neglecting it ever since I put it in my sling bag) AND CARDS (for pickup routine practicing, openers, ice breakers, entertainment, etc) AND finish every single source of books I have and can benefit from it. Including programming books.

Then for a bit of far-fetched planning down the road, I shall look up for references for the coming sem’s subject. It never hurts to know the briefing for it, BUT I recall seeing Mathematics for Computer Scientists over there. That fucking subject reminds me of fucking A.Atheer that I can’t understand shit and got 40 for that subject. =\ Blame myself for being stupid and ignorant. =\

Anyway at least my Year 1 is not as blur as my foundation life… I really don’t know what to do at all, no pointers, no guidance, only several random tips and hints I pick up from seniors (which is NOT my faculty). Gah. Thank god I been through that. Still got 2 more years to come, and new housemates, let’s just hope that things will fold out smoothly during September.

My playlist suckssssss the songs are dead boring. Damnit. Speaking of playlist UNTIL TODAY I still fail to plugin my phone to the USB cable, and count messages, and delete the songs inside. Tell me if I DON’T have TIME for it… I wonder what had I been doing. I don’t even know oh shi- =X

Division by zero.


Perhaps being alone has a downside after all. No motivation. If you’re with a sibling, or friend(s) or a group of people, you will either end up:

1. Dominating the circle
2. Coping with the circle (Pivots or wings)
3. Left out / Exiled / Fugitive on the run

So yeah there’s definitely motivation in a group of people around you. Well why bother group studying if there’s no motivation? But some people just cannot accept the fact that you’re teaching other people while they themselves claim that they fail to study. Been there, seen that.

In fact, I like studying with friends. It’s damn boring to study alone man, let alone facing the pile of notes is damn hypnotising. I feel like a zombie if I read the notes and no one beside me. I think I’ll turn crazy, yell at the peak of my voice, and walk out to the street singing “Negaraku”.

I never knew Mystery was a magician too. *raises eyebrow profusely*

Well I’m not trying to be a mini-demon or whatsoever but hey no point in taking others, assimilate it or alter and implement it your way. Open source… wow. -w-

As if ‘it’ is that easy.

My o2jamming skills dropped down to the deepest valley that mankind can ever reach. Time to cut the finger nails, practice typing, finger warming up, stretching, and let’s jam.

Superhandz… tho it’s a term coined for De’Vo, the cardist, ellusionist, whatever. Bloody good flourisher. With cards and rings, he wil make close up magic seems so surreal.

At least it’s darn impressive to see him flip toss or elevate a pack of cards in a particular motion / build. Tell me you won’t drop your jaw if you see him riffle shuffle a pack of cards with HIS legs.

I saw that and I went OMFG you crazy motherfuckers what kind of human challenge is it. Apparently it’s some kind of weird but quite interesting competition. More explained in his DVD.

… and I still haven’t watch Believe by Josh Pascal =P (thank you magictrader)

… and I still have a lot to do what don’t know what to do.

Ah yeah today chatted with antiextreme. He’s working, and darn materialistic now (he admitted it himself anyway). Money x99. Lol.

Saya suka cara dia berfikir when it comes to side income. Oh yeah how on earth can you survive in Malaysia without side income especially when your pay is so meagre. Tell me if you can survive with RM800 for you and your family. That’s the pay for a normal 3 star officer working in JPA JPJ (I wonder who did that mistake last time *rolls eyes* =P)

Which reminds me, I’m making a mental note, ask that person what happened.

Somehow CM talked to me (god I wish she’s crystal maiden, even though she’s very tanned but wth I’d hit it) and apparently she’s taking Foundation in UTAR instead of pursuing her dream to study law. Awwwww. But yeah pointless chat with her, but somehow convinced her to come and find me… but I don’t think she knows my address… well at least I brought Karen back to my house *ahem* but ah yeah. So it’s another pointless promise. =w=


Yes GG indeed for the last game. Really losing strea… wait a min I owned using Clockwerk for the first time today 4v4, then some idiot from Bulgaria (yeah no shit I was asking why on earth are you doing in MY room?) died once or twice and left game. =w= Well judging from his axe, I can tell he’s not really good in it (coming from someone who feeded the opponent with axe as well <_<). Easier said than done, as always.

In the end, Silkwood VS owned the game, all thanks to me trashing those idiots that claim us noob (one retard said noon and we are laughing our ass off) So being me that’s on the way to try up a new hero, felt insulted (who doesn’t anyway) said this, “Oh really? Don’t regret wor”.

When I turned the sides, they don’t even dare to bark. Idiots.

Then again, lina + DK, 2 stuns, 1 dagon, 1 laguna, DK changed into dragon form, there goes 1k of my hp. I went omgwtfbbqsause and ran away, then VS came and tapao-ed. =\ MY bloody 9 kill streak T-T

But it was fun. Yes the hero is gay, but others made it look gayer than me. Proves that I’m straight ^^ (forget this, I’m just trying to be a bastard)

I’m quite lucky… my birthday doesn’t fall on exams… mostly weekends… or nothing spectacular on that day. I don’t know I should be happy or sad lol .___.

*checks calendar*

Friday…. again. Hmmmmm.

OMG I’m hungry. .__. Geez why does this have to happen to me every night. Oh yeah I have HL milk in the fridge… but lazy go and take. >_>


I don’t know what am I thinking now. *scratch*

*heaves a sigh*

Sometimes I really wonder… is the path for education always the best choice in life?

With that said, I feel that everything is pre-arranged consciously or sub-consciously. Oh wee here we go again.

And yes how the hell can you turn that fast when you practically have 15 secs to determine the cross, or extended cross, and go straight for F2L? WTF. T-T Macky is quite good. I saw his video and I =O omg is it possible?

Well of course I’d seen Jessica Fridich’s vid and Dan Knight’s. Bloody fast. And it’s smooth, secure grip. WOW.

Feel like watching South Park to kill my brain cells. Wait, pr0n does. Oh shi- No, bad idea. I’ll end up looking at the clock and get lost in reality again. Besides I’ll be wasting protein man.

I really wonder how stupid I was when I was presented the oppotunity to brush up my english during the times and I never appreciate it, instead I took it for granted, and never really paid any attention in it.

I thought I heard my dad’s voice. O_O But no, I think.

It’s getting late anyway. Nites world.

Breed like bunnies~ Girls in school uniforms~

It’s not complete without this…

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =3



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