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Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 64Bit. =D

Tho one sad thing is, I forgot to back up… my Skype history files. =( Seriously very down when I noticed it after nudging Anna just after I manage to boot my computer and install Skype lol.

That time I’m churnning durians too.

Now Playing — Streaming Winamp – A State of Trance

It’s damn smooth in Vista, SP1 is even better. Rock solid, alt+tab from Warcraft to Desktop damn fast and responsive. GArena was having problems earlier before installing SP1, but after that no more problems. =D

I wasted like 3 hours waiting for the damn patch to install just to find out my time was totally wasted as it won’t take that long. Then amyhs99 asked me to reboot to safe mode and somehow it started reconfiguring in safe mode. = = Wtf that’s weird but who cares anything goes I want to use my laptop.

Anyway, SP1 was successfully installed, and yeah I’m enjoying the wonders of Vista in 64bit environment. =D

I just got my WLM installed, I forgot to run as admin. =w=

He disabled UAC for me, so no more annoying popups. (well I’m educated enough on the softwares I download and won’t simply double click on malwares lol).

Kinda stoned now, maybe it’s due to ASOT… a bit, and err yeah unexpected response.

I’ll post a screenshot of my current Vista.

4.6 — Considered not bad already. Super smooth. =D

Alright it’s late. Been drowning in thoughts for the past few minutes.

Alex. [AWOL]


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