Supposedly AWOL…


AWOL – Absent Without (Official) Leave

For more information check this out:

2:27 AM 7/25/2008 I’m typing this via notepad cos something is wrong with my Firefox that reloads wordpress so suddenly making all the alignment and post gone just like that -_-

Never mind…

TOday ah… wait.

Now Playing — Secret Garden – Adiago

Sad song.

Never been posting much these few days. Best inspiration and will to blog always comes when I wash my face lol.

It never fails.

I forgot what I am supposed to post now. .__.

Anyway, usual routine. Just that internet is sucky during the evenings, and my windows is fucking me up. = =

I suddenly… wait *goes check something* Ok I should be safe so far desu.

*stares at the ceiling*

So let’s see:

1. Finish my skin!!!1111oneone (highest priority)
2. Study HTs (How to steal a cookie -_-)
3. Study Java (GOd… Oh god.)
4. Study @#$&*() again? Dota la lol.
5. Cards (Oh yesh I degraded so much, must practice back my cuts and flourishes and sleights and and and whatever)

So at night thought of finally manage to DotA with ellokawan and gang, then when I play my warcraft 3 display super fucking lag. Choppy like hell, it’s even worse than pentium 4 wihtout graphic card. = = endured the game, and won, cos teammates owning like hell.

Then I used my time to defragment my computer and restarted. After that only ok.

It’s really wtf-ness when last time I can open FF, Winamp, MSN, SKype, GArena, UTorrent and doesn’t lag a bit… but just now everything else are closed besides GArena and it lags like god knows why.

I’ll spare Anna for this.

It all started after I deleted some videos and stuffs which are redundant, cleared half of my Desktop, gonna clear them again tomorrow. Saw one or two interesting pictures in one of the folders I have, and copied the rest into it. Saw one particular one I took for photoshopping… well… heee *ssh*

Looking at them really reflects back of what I’d been through. THe same thing. Never changes. Well it does but doesn’t differ that much in reality.

Yesh Warlock is gay game damn hard lol. Really trains hand eye co-ordination.

Speaking about DotA I hate eyo using FV. Really bastard. Then that what ah boy sleeping while playing knnccb then no mood ady and lost. = =

*stoned for a while*


It happens.

I should sleep now.

Nites world. Good luck for Steph in her exam, and Kristy which is a total noob when it comes to computers =P

*heaves a sigh(
Alex. 2:43 AM 7/25/2008


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