Rojak Post Before I AWOL


Ok la this is gonna be quite long. But yeah I’ll keep it short as it’s 2:12 AM now and my stomach is growling. I think I’m hungry. Oh god. Well I’ll keep it compact.

Where and what shall I start with… ah well.

You know when you see this happen in your life, all you want to do is just yell ahhhhhh knnccbtnswtfbbssauseonpasta!

As promised, Quick Dial in my Firefox 3, plugin that simulates Opera’s Quick Dial. =D

Picture was altered to protect the identity of someone else.

Uncle Chooi came and passed me my P license. Finally. I got it. Wee.

I’d been facing my laptop from the time I wake up until now. My eyes are officially – -. Yes it’s really that small. God.

I was emo-ing just now and then I told myself, now where’s the off switch? Lol then everything ok ady. = =

Javascript Missions are pretty easy compared to Realistic Missions. Gotta figure out what’s with the Stego Missions. Ack.

Yes hacking is fun if you know what you are doing and how to do it. laugh.gif

Yes client is satisfied with my ‘product’. Good job. happy.gif

Err, actually I’d lost my inspiration to blog, due to the fact that it doesn’t attract anyone anymore sobs cry.gif and it’s not getting its ‘attention’… really damn sad that day.


-rickroll command in DotA seems fun.

AND MY Edwin McCain — I’ll Be sounds like being rickrolled. I feel the need to download another version to double check.

Shoulder sounds like soul digger in my version wtf.

The one played in 8TV’s So You Think You Can Dance is so damn clear that it’s shoulder. = =

I’ll be okay. Daijoubu desu neh? mellow.gif


Quoted from Confessions of a Medical Student

And Shin Loo had her wallet stolen at the LRT station near her work place, AGAIN, last week… and my mum had her handbag snatched too at the night market! (at the so-called peaceful city of Seremban!)

1 million dollar question — What would you think when someone mentioned pink slip?

AC. *Might AWOL*


One Response to “Rojak Post Before I AWOL”

  1. stephanie Says:

    wei im’ sorry.. that time skype restart ma.. then like that ady.. sorry..
    and wat pink slip? @.@

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