Just When…


Ok I just came back from town doing “srs business” and pm-ing my customer, now I’m here blogging.

Now Playing — Teriyaki Boyz – Fast and Furious (xD)

Just when I thought…

… that I can read something mindmelting or funny or something to laugh about or errr state-of-mind kinda post I fell into a deep trap where a blogger should not be doing. Tags. *facepalm*

3.exp(uncle experience,heres ur tag ^^)

Uh huh.

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!! (the one who created this rule sucks balls — eXP)

Err, if I were to write this right… there will be no end for this post. Divided by zero. Oh shi-

But nevertheless I shall attempt at making it… possible.

Lol. Here goes /_\

  1. I do better (in anything) when I’m sober. I’m artistic in my own way.
  2. My mood swings faster than mother nature. Yes, the magnitude is infinite.
    Explanation from Astrology Teacher Miss Ruby (last night was ‘my wife’ xD):
    [01:32] ruby: ppl they are very personal… they take things personally and err…keep on emo
    [01:32] ruby: you pula on and off
    [01:32] ruby: you’re very different
    Conclusion: Yes, I really swing that fast.
  3. Pull my shirt and I will fall in love with you. (Never fails xD) [used to be insider joke]
    Ok serious, I don’t like girls. Seriously. If I do, it’s gonna last for quite some time.
    [01:44] ruby: u’re an extremist coz youre a triple scorpio
    [01:45] ruby: yes you are possessive
    [01:45] ruby: gets jealous easily sometimes..it just struck you
    [01:45] ruby: very passionate…can stick to one thing you like and keep doing it
    [01:45] ruby: until u lost the passion lol
    [01:45] ruby: o.o
    Conclusion: Doesn’t the above explains it? XD
  4. I am very spiritual. In reality, I get lost easily with a blink of an eye. “Where am I now? *lost in Mars*”
  5. My taste for music is very weird, I listen to almost any genre. Way of a hacker [according to the article posted lol].
  6. Subconsciously I can read between the lines pretty well, but when I purposely focus to see it, god forbid, it’ll take eternity before I can notice the ‘lines’. Also, subconsciously my intuition is bloody accurate at times (like tell me how the hell you would be able to predict what the monopoly dice’s result is gonna be SIX BLOODY TIMES in a row. Lol. Don’t believe it? Believe it.)
    Which also comes to the fact that I’m weird and very outstanding.
    [01:29] ruby: you’re too…. ‘universal’
    [01:30] ruby: apart from normal scorpio behaviors…
    [01:30] ruby: you ‘drift’ from the reality easily…
    [01:30] ruby: @@
    [01:30] ruby: this is the first time.. i’m doing a chart like this lol.. >.< duno how to say
    Conclusion: I rock, accept it. XD
  7. Don’t talk to me when I’m awake. You’re invisible in my eye.
  8. I’m a very practical person. Hence, my stuffs are always lying around my room when I need it. I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want. If it’s within the constitution’s law then definitely I’ll do it XD
  9. I believe in punctuality (well sometimes I don’t but yeah xD), that’s why I never take off my watch 365 days around. Always on even when I sleep, bath, eat, play, etc <you name it>
  10. When certain songs play I can own in DotA. Lol ok this doesn’t count as one.
    Err let’s see… I am a thinker. I think to the deepest fantasies of mankind. Ugh, maybe that’s a wrong way to phrase it XD In short I just think a lot and try to link things together, those little tids and bits of information I get back from observation, learning, stalking, asking, memory, <insert here>.
  11. I used to be able to… see things (remote viewing in terms of ESP – extra sensory perception) until I watch porn for the first time in my life. The rule is indeed true. Screw porn.
  12. I like to squat on the chair and suck my thumb when I’m thinking (while programming, gaming, etc). (Just like L).
  13. Takes everything (that is wrong and supposedly not serious like “*censored*”) too seriously. — My life is in danger if I posted that out =X
  14. When I don’t reply someone for a while, and when I’m totally silent and stares at a corner… don’t provoke the beast. Be preapred to be very very aflaid, I mean afraid.
  15. I’m “smart”. Too “smart” in fact. .__.
    Tho my life would not be messy if I have a girlfriend. Lol. I think.
    I find it hard to believe that astrology can really tell a person a lot. Which reminds me of this, I find ppl with high egos hard to accept the fact. In other words, they themselves will be like, “You have a high ego!” where as the matter of fact they themselves deny the fact and wouldn’t accept that their ego is over 9000.
  16. … and the rest is for me to know for you to find out. 😀

Tags? I tag those who are willing to do this. No point to list down as some idiot put a rule number 4 there.


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