Random Rant For The Time Being


Hey sup.

Thank you Reuters for reporting. Appreciate it.

Now I’m kinda braindead after cracking my head on cracking the algo for the realistic mission. Gah finally I see some light.

Yea looking at something like this ain’t that fun afterall:

280.264.327. 301.301.265. 287.285.306. 265.282.319. 235.262.278.

So I end this post with a random quote lol.


serious r??? so fast grow back?

hmm… y chinese like? dont u always like what u dont have??? same reason for y i jelous of girls with big boobs.

i remember last time my indian friends mention that they will apply kunyit after shaving, coz the hair will grow back slower and less… but… not 100% sure… plus if u put kunyit on your face ppl will send u to hospital thinking u got jaundice or something…



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