Breaking 2:30 PM News


2:28 PM 7/21/2008 — Monkey spotted hanging outside of the bar door looking at the glass door. O_O

The sighter, eXPeri3nc3 reported that when he was walking home with his parent from town his mum didn’t even notice that notty lil bugger hanging inside with its monkey ass facing him. Then he added, “I told my mum look monkey with a somewhat freaked out tone and my mum paniced and went “where, where where?” until the monkey notices our presence and slowly climb up to the roof.” It was known that its a monkey and not a gorilla. When asked for proof or the traditional screenshotphotograph or it never happened eXPeri3nc3 mentioned that due to the panic caused by his mum he failed to take any pictures and it went up to the roof. He added, “My mum was like *point finger to monkey* ‘You naughty!’ (eXP’s facial expression = =)”. “Then I said, oi come back la take photo then it went to the other side of the roof lol”.

A footprint was sighted at the site of this incident. That’s the only thing that can prove that this incident happened. According to reports, the monkey is slightly bigger in size compared to normal monkeys sighted around the mountains, and it’s very strong from the way it climbed.

Middle — Monkey’s footprint. Ignore the logo on the glass door, it’s eXP’s dad’s working place’s logo.

The rumour is true. eXP’s other parent was notified with a call minutes after the incident happened.

Reuters AP.


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