Now WP is loading fast… bloody fuck a few moments ago it’s crawling in my skin slower than a snail.

Now Playing — Maksim – Croatian Rhapsody.

Finally winamp plays something that’s audible. God.

You know when times life just have to big you a big tight slap on the face and you blurring all the way and don’t know what to do?

Lol. (I almost typed kik)  = =

Ok la time to change emoticon ;_;

So yeah as expected (I’m not least bit surprised) that I will wake up “quite early” in the morning, and stared staring at the corners of my room and stone. What’s worse is when thoughts ravage your brain rendering your logical thinking mechanism fails early in the morning, which causes you to go T-T WTFBBQSAUSE and stone there. Yeah, that’s about it.

Flipped the cover of my dear laptop, switched it on, and played some songs. Walao eh, the songs gave me a instant “O_O WTF” in the morning. It turned out to be me emo-ing for the rest of the morning ;_; Sigh.

I’d gone through that countless times. I know how to solve it… but to me, it seems illogical and not a solution but it is a solution to the problem but I’m being such a pain in the ass such that I turned into the problem for the solution. Get it?

Then I grumpily walked to the kitchen and brush up. Took a bath, then boiled the soup and ate the wantan. (well it’s saturday and yeah I told my mum on saturdays only buy wantan =D cos dad’s gonna come back around 1 something… that’s bout the time i wake up anyway. So don’t want to be too full, just in case.) I woke up around 10 today. x_x Then lie on the bed till 11 something, prepared everything and it’s almost 12. Ate it, washed the bowl, and went into the room.

Surfed the internet on my bed (as usual) and I keep staring at the ceiling.

Until dad came back… yeah so I changed my pants and went out for lunch.

Didn’t bring my rubik’s cube along this time… damn my cube is so darn worned out ady. T-T

Ate lor… that uncle really treat me well. Me and me and only me. Ask me what I wanna drink, so Milo Ais. As usual… well thanks to that drink, it cheered me up. I’m practically smilling when I’m enjoying the drink lol xD Then he refilled my soup when I say it’s enough. = = But yeah I finished it anyway lol. (previous visits, the bowl is 3 times bigger x_x)

Went over to Ameda IT (the damn shop which don’t have a cross LAN cable. For god f* sake. = =) and bought 2 DVD-R (I can get RW for the same price IF HE didn’t noticed it. Damn. I don’t know also, only after that I noticed and went omg damn XD)

It was raining… so… only after the rain stopped we left.

Came back, spammed Anna, and she is not in the mood so I back off and played dota (moved outside).

Been dota-ing for the whole day.


and boring at times when all you do is just feed, feed, feed and tio pwn.


Admittedly my POTM is better now LOL = =

Super pro stuns at times until I went =O literally and waaaaaaa I never knew I can do that LOL.

… and yeah so now here I am blogging about what happened today on my bed 2 feet elevated from the ground with my external Samsung Pleomax keyboard on my…. err… lap.

Smacky said that she got her laptop ady wor…. flamingo pink carbon colored kit Dell Inspiron 1420.

If it’s 1520… it’s the direct CLONE from (either to or from lol) Vostro Family.

Vostro still kicks ass even though the color is black. ^^

My laptop still beats current in line specs flat. ^^ Proud of it… eh it came with a price too.

Come to think of it, I have a lot of language to master… oh shit.

  1. Java
  2. SQL
  3. Haskell
  4. xHTML / CSS
  5. PHP

Oh fuck… what had I done lately… I think it’s only the 4th one… blogskin. =\

Which reminds me, today is actually the due date… passed jor… nvm lol.

Today must complete it.

*rubs eyes*

Lost is the only thing I can do now.

So when ppl say get lost… “I can only Imagine”:

Me: Lost? Oh ok *snaps* Eh eh eh where the hell am I? *floating around mars*

Lol damn ;__;


Well guess that’s all?

BTW Firebug rocks. Lol.



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