One of those days…


… where words just can’t describe what is happening in your world. Oh wait there’s one: Speechless.

Not really into blogging this post but what the hell might as well vent it out before it get stuck inside and me turning frenzy is a no-no.

As it is I’m taking a big gulp from my mum this evening, that is worse enough.

I just hate it when she says I rather born a girl than a guy.

Anyway so yeah this morning woke up, and then took breakfast, usual routine, and went to the PLM Sektow. I saw the same girl sitting in front, but i didn’t greet and talk to her until we get down from the car. I just like say a few words and that’s it cos she’s talking to her ex classmate (i got to know that guy too somehow later).

So I decided to try to get myself loose, but ended up tense. Sigh, nervousness kills eXPeri3nc3. Indeed, I don’t have the confidence to handle that damn car, cos it’s not the one I used for practice (duh) and god fucking knows if anything will go wrong JUST like THAT.

Kept my fingers crossed, waited for like 2 hours then only I get to do my stuffs. Been waiting with the girl, she sat beside me after we checked in and then took our numbers. I got 49, her’s 48. The guy got like very early numbers so by the time he finished everything we are just half-way through. Damn.

Somehow this line just came to my head:
“Loving you~ is easy cos you’re beautiful… and everything I do… is to fall in love with you… lalalalala, lalalalala, lalalalalalalalalaaa loving youuuuuu *high pitch voice yelling*”

Ok it’s been years I played that annoying but sweet song. But wth it just came to me. Lol?

Sat there, and “chatted” with her. (She did most of the talking anyway) Yes she somehow reminds me of those very talkative and wild girls? You’ll get the idea.

Well looks can be deceiving, and it’s fun to look at a girl’s IC that starts with 90****. Lol. = =

Well don’t ask why.

Got to know more about her in a way, from the way she speak and from the way I asked. Cracked a few jokes… a.k.a (44, “sei four” — engine died, 4967 — her hp num, and it sounds dirty in canto lol) = =

I got myself entertained until that guy ask me to go up the hill and do the parking first. = = I’m still waiting when the girl’s turn reached and started her practical exam ady. Wtf so slow. = = But she’s pissed because the policewoman that’s exmanining her keeps nagging and scold and slams on the brake everytime and blame her for whatever mistake she might make, and asks her to speed when she’s going at 60/70. We all know this would happen~

So after I did my parking on the hill, I went down, did the turning parking, and passed. Damn happy. First time reversing the car, straight, without rules and guidance. Lol = = What an achivement xD

Then waited for my practical’s turn. I’m having a stomachache during the start… so yeah it sucks to drive when your stomach is waiting to blast.

I went into the car, saw a policewoman (thought I would gg, but THANK GOD it’s otherwise). It all started when she asked me, still studying? Then I say yeah, she asked where, I explained, and she nodded. Then we started talking all the way. Somehow I manage to tap into her work, and then turn the tense atmosphere into a relaxing one. Damn I’m good. =D But yeah she got complained numerous times by other ppl so now she’s good ady lor (got this from uncle after I finished my exam) I took route C, the shorter one compared to A, and I actually did a short-cut. She told me like, boy, no need turn left, go straight and turn right. I went O_O serious? Then she say you want or not?

I say I can la, I don’t know if you’re ok or not. She replied I won’t fail you one, so just drive. So I go straight, and turned out.

I somehow manage to get her family info… how many sons… etc. She’s pregnant btw. O_O I didn’t noticed until she say she is, then I tilted my head and gave her stomach a glance while driving. xD

Well good thing bout bribe is, she helped me to enter the 3rd gear during the last part as I’m having problems with the damn gearbox. Curse it, only 3rd gear gives me problems, I’m fine with others. WTF WTF thank god I didn’t fail.

Well no bribe = FAIL.


What kinda world is this. =S

So after I passed everything, I’m glad it’s over. Chatted all the way back lor. The girl really talked a lot. Lol.

O/T — She’s fair and thin. Genting really does wonders. Lol.

But yeah, that aside, I don’t thing I will be highlighting accidental stuffs… so skip that. =X

Came back, and slept.

Mum came back, and somehow turn emo when I laze in my room and refuse to come out early. WTF weh. = =


Dad came back, I told him, he shrugged and say bare with it. =\

So yeah.

After dinner, I’m here blogging.

2 weeks is enough for a change.

Err, yeah.

I noticed that Ruby really knows her stuff. Guess it’s time to read up on that. But… books on _? WTF. Need to lurk moar then. @_@

As it is I have tons of ebooks I didn’t touch. OMGOMGOMGOMG.

= =

And I have to finish the skin by tomorrow night… tomorrow morning… Gg…

Fark when’s amyhs99 coming back I need to go to the post office and send my customer the stuffs he want OMFGOMFGOMFG.


Ok I’m lost.

Weee = =


AC. (Waiting to finish “the last task” and everything’s over)


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