One Word: Diu


Yes.. diuuuuu……………………………

Even load wordpress “Create New Post” takes like years to complete. = =


Damn tired already.

Guess I’ll briefly touch on what happened today.

As expected, I woke up slighjtly early, around 5AM (well it happens so yeah) drank water and slept. Second time woke up 1 minute before my alarm rang (as usual, this is predictable) and BoA – Waiting played… then stopped it, and decided let’s just listen to that song. Opens laptop lid, check download status, and played BoA – Waiting. XD

Washed up, prepared, and then surfed around. Mum came back at 7:30 AM, rush hour, then uncle came moments later. Took everything and went waaaa so many ppl ahhhh in the SLK (small little kancil). 1 Girl in front, I noticed when the car turned into my house’s front gate. (It’s long blonde color hair cannot miss one).

So I have to squeese my balls and myself in that car to Tambun. Oh god.

On the way 988 radio station aired a short crop from last night’s Anwar debate with Menteri Penerangan Malaysia. That kept me awake the whole journey lol. The DJ remarks are funny too. “Berbillion billion”, then the DJ say “I only go berRATUS RATUS only worrrr” I’m like lol that guy is funny.

I still think that Anwar has he’s own points too, which I believe is accurate. Well he was policed-nabbed this evening, by kommandos (special trained soldiers for war). Imagine weh, just to excort a 61 year old man, like other ppl said in RWI, it’s not like Anwar’s Incredible Hulk and trash everyone aside and run away lol.

So when we reach, that two guys went for their motor class, I sat there stoned while the sky poured. The girl drove around, and then somehow I get to talk to her in between sessions. Err, well parking on the hill and the 3 way parking isn’t really a big problem for me, what really matters is the driving on the main road with those BLOODY ANNOYING TRAFFIC LIGHTS. @#$&*%()

Well it’s not like I’m saying like the creator of the traffic light is an idiot and it’s redundant to have 3 colors guiding us driving on the road… but yeah it’s damn hell annoying.

I almost made myself… well what you call “3 clouds lost 7 pak” in Canto. .___.

Wait, I already am after that incident.

So I was driving. Apparently I should just go straight when the lights turned yellow. But no instead I slammed on the brakes and stopped right before the line. The lorry followed too close and failed to stop instantly, so he evaded me to the right of the road. Well of course i’ll get scolding lah. But what the hell if he really knocks me it’s partly his fault too, 2 second rule, he didn’t do it. But yeah la I’m deep shit if that’s a real exam, any accidents = sign on the paper and fail the exam.

So fuck traffic lights, speed when I have to.

Apparently the girl is having her exam on the same day as me. SHe have problems memorising the paths. She can’t drive when the sun is too hot too, it makes her eyes from o_o to ~-~ (well at least that’s what she showed me, really)

Waited a while more, and went back. Uncle went town, to an indian shop and tapao-ed rice. I followed as mum didn’t prepare lunch ask me to settle it myself. But what the hell all spicy food so I just grab a Tandoori chicken and don’t care ady spicy spicy la.

So I slept on the way back as usual, the guy beside me actually slanted on my shoulder, and I know what’s happening, I just pretend I didn’t feel anything and let him slant. (well I’m not gay, and 1 second after contact he straight away tilted his head straight lol)

Paid Uncle today’s lesson fees… and what’s left is RM370 or RM390 I forgot… including the bribe. LOL. = = After today, it’s hard for me to say not to. = =||||

Came back, thank god I’m alive, and then took my bath, used my laptop. Never slept. = =

Downloads running at fullspeed… then dc. DSL line down. WTF. So I grabbed the newspaper and read a bit. Then only around 5 the connection came back, and after setting up everything, moved outside, mum came back. Apparently someone passed away just behind the street. Geez, this year really…

Touchwood. *touches wooden ABC table*

Ah yeah I’m blogging on my bed now. Lol.

As expected I emo-ed a bit. After chatting with Kristy. Went to GArena and like ugh duwan play now. Watch TV then swt damn hell lot cos it’s damn hot, and no mood to do anything.

Like what ruby said, I on off quite fast, so it’s okay. Flip-flop theory for the transistors way back in Form 5. I swing that way. Lol?

I noticed that I have quite a number of tabs with materials related to hacking, and general information. Damn a lot to catchup and learn man. Amen to that brother. I passed everyhting in =D Beginner’s lesson, finally after 2 years passed everything. (cos the last time I’m stucked at level 7 way back in 07 when someone posted that in Kopitiam and I joined for fun). So yeah completed it. Feel damn proud cos really need to use brain, and then look at the tips. But to know what exploit and knowledge to use, and apply it accurately, that’s the hard part.

Tho I seriously lol-ed at lesson 10, just a double click with a cookie editor, type yes. Validated, passed. WTF. Gonna re-do that lesson, read up articles regarding cookies, and try JS injection =D =D

Wonder if they teach SQL injection ngekngekngek but I don’t think so lah so tough luck =(

I’ll lurk around to find more sites. Wahahahahah.

And I still haven’t upload some free vids for my customer. = =

Tomorrow (today) laaaaa. Just now connection sucky too but torrents running MAX speed.  went waaaa 56kpbs?!?! =O

But now it’s running at… *checks* not bad la 18.3kb/ps =D

Out of curiosity, I did the simple test available in the Star Newspaper, one of the columns, and as Ruby said… I’m extreme… and I get lost easily. Yes, I get lost very easily. Just like that and I’ll go where am I now *floating in mars* DId the 8 question test, and looked at the answer. If majority of your answer is A… then blablabla B… then blablabal C, D, and E. Guess what, 8 questions, all of my answers are 2A 2B 2C 2D. Now, tell me, what answer should I take? All rounder ftw! XDXD


Finish skin on Saturday morning. Today must enjoy before driving exam… and sleep early la OFC FFS I WILL. I don’t wanna get my ass into trouble. @_@ Damn exam, god bless me please.

I’ll pray hard for a good male instructor. Apparently the woman is… periodical? Lol.

*heaves a sigh*

As they say…. Rome was not built in a day… and being a hacker doesn’t come easy too.

But I don’t know about “chemistry”.

Sorry for the craps. =\

It’s been a while so bare with it kthxbai.

Well I really hope that I can learn something everyday… cos that’s how one can improve right? Live to fail, or fail to live?

If intuition is what that makes me go forward, I wonder could it be inspiration to push me further.

Peinsama (Kavyn) is a scorpio too. O_O

I’ll end this post with something random:

“Fret not, for the king of the kings I am not”

Alex Cheng.


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  1. weroth Says:

    Good luck for tomorrow!

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