A post before I say goodnite


I suddenly remember the BB Vesper wtf lol.

= =

Anyway I’m in the hall now, and it’s damn hot. = =

Switched on the air-cond just now in my room so it should be cold by now. I have driving lesson to attend tomorrow morning. Last chance to get used to the road rules and stuff. Driving woes~ @_@ It makes me get on my nerves at times especially the oncoming traffic and the traffic light. Ish.

Alexa… lol. Problems problems… Voodee sang seng zou yan la lol.

Err did a revamp for the header, don’t know where I got the sudden inspiration today after dota lolz. Maybe when I somehow own the game I get inspirations? XD So I did a border image, indent it properly, and followed what other elegant sides do, the border-bottom thingy. Turned out quite classy for me, me likey. ^^

My lina rocks. =D Keep zapping only. =D

First time after guinsoo refresher, then use refresher run out of mana wtf gg = =

Must get scepter first too xDxD

So this morning I woke up… around 10 something? I don’t know why the first thing after waking up on my bed I look at the ceiling and she came into my mind…

It’s around 10 something, so checked my laptop, and then Anna messaged at around 11, saying why am I online so early. I was never offline last night lulz downloading something. God still have like 3 days to go man.

Oh no 1d 5h. Hmm. But I’ll off it tomorrow morning la. Let my laptop rest for a few hours when I’m away.

Err… so laze around my bed, surf, spammed, and then dragged myself to the bath room and wash up.

Look at the dining table, and went WTF what is that noodle damn thick and huge lol. It was… I forgot what’s the name for the soup sheesh… but yeah finished it forcefully as I don’t really like the taste. Ah yeah prawn mee soup. = =

Then I blasted my speakers… god I missed the sound. Laptop speakers vs Desktop speakers, ofc the latter pwns. Lol. Even tough it’s just lausai speakers, can blast the hell out of me =D =D =D

When I finally move out, last song played was BoA – Waiting. Missed that song. God knows why my winamp is blacklisting that song apparently. Just a metaphor lol.

Played dota, several rounds either host noob and leave, or leaver and rmk, damn sien. I actually hosted, and then downloading something, ppl complain lag, I limit speed, 1 left in my team, and we pwnd 4v5 and opponent left. My lina and that pro necrolyte. ^^


Went to the kitchen, wash the dishes before mum comes back, and then prepared coffee for her today. I forgot the sugar and coffee powder composition so when I reach the first hall and grab my hp mum came back = = so I directly ask her lol.

I forgot to boil hot water geez. = =

After that I continued playing dota until 7 something then I did the header thingy. =D

Around 8 something, took my dinner, lol bak kut teh in packet form, not nice cos it’s sweet. Just like the lousy one I had in Taiping that time. I miss Klang’s bak kut teh when Kwang brought me and Pris there that time… really FTW. Delicious to the last drop desu. =3

Came out messed around with my blog lor, thought of fixing something for the user comments, then Anwar is giving a debate in TV9 with our current “Menteri Penerangan Malaysia” duno whatever name lah.

Interesting debate, and it’s even more interesting that the guys in SC or FC doesn’t care about it, as in they don’t bother listening. I find it interesting and funny.

Well yeah so ellokawan came online and said my condolences to him over his grandad’s death, and he say eh how you know one lol. = = Played one game, sd, and I got void, and I feed 6 times. = =

No mood for the whole game ady, then they end game.

So that’s my last match, and then I’m here blogging after washing my face, and Jeevan is back in Malaysia now, Alexa sad, Anna dunno do what, Stephanie Chong should be either sleeping or ‘studying’ [see I use your real name].

God… driving… ah….


Guess bribing is a good solution afterall? At least need not worry THAT much, but still worry la wtf.

Now, if they are rasuah-free and do their duty with 100% of commitment and trustworthy, I will gladly do the exam. @_@

WTF I pressed window logo + l and quick logoff. = =

Like hell that would happen in Malaysia. =X Oops.

Ah yeah that day I had a dream… 5 ppl lying in front of some hall face down, and I saw two faces… and if I say who they are I’ll be dragged into ISA.

Funny thing is, there’s a grim reaper’s reaper on one of the ppl’s head, vertically hooked onto the head. Of the one that is most powerful. @_@

Ok that’s enough.


So I’ll leave my laptop on for the night, when I’ll hit the sack now and tomorrow drive my best and practice all I can. Lol.

May god bless me and my driving skills roxxor.

Well, it’s not wrong to think of someone right…



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