So… Yeah.


Let me start with a random kicker thanks to teh legendary Emily T (WTF). Lol.

I asked her on her opinion for my expskin… then somehow she didn’t give me any = = and went wtf I can’t understand your blog xD Ofc you can’t it’s pure gibberish testing texts. Then gave her my wp link, and she said, how can you somewhat control your diarrhoea. XD

I went… oh, just put your legs together and sleep. xD

But yeah that’s what I did that day. =|

Now searching for “The Way Home (2002)” Korean Movie. Will die for the movie. Lol.

OMG 3GB. @_@ PURE DVD RIP. WTF. No avi rips ah… wth.

Never mind I’ll just download it and burn it =D


Ok is not responding, so… let me blog lor.

Let’s start from… yesterdays… inevitable pain in the ass?

So let’s see… eh wait I didn’t blog about my fever at all? WTF.

This is gonna be long lol.

So… that very day that I got fever, and then at night everything turned out to be worse. I am dehydrating, stomach pain, and fever (duh). Didn’t eat anything. Oh wait I did mum cooked noodles for me.

End of that day.

So… that night…. (I forgot which night tho), I know I am having quite a few trips to the toilet. Nothing much one, just liquid.

Then after quite a few rounds, then ate chinese medication, oh shit the real deal shits out. Confirm I kena diarrheoa ady. So fever slightly abated, and then I kena diarrhoea. Asked Anna and she say it rhymes for both. Oh shi-.

I visited the toilet a few times already while chatting… feeling very very sucky and bad.

Drank a bit of water only, dare not drink much as 100% water intake = 120% water outflow + other kinds of shit @_@

I took mum’s advice and went to sleep at 12. Then, I tahan my stomach ache until 2 something in the morning, and sat in the toilet for quite sometime, groaning on the peak of my voice and feel like shyte. = =||| Pain in the ass is inevitable. 2am, 3am, 5am, 7am. God. So followed mum to the doctor’s house (yeah just a few houses at the back row) and we sat in his Benz equipped with GPS (and seriously that doesn’t look like a GPS at all lol) he sent my mother to work [in Kampar Centre, which his wife is the boss = = but the husband is his wife’s staff’s driver =P wahahahah] then he sent me to his clinic.

So as usual on the way he asked this and that lor, he played prayer chants too… and it’s in PALI. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Damn hard to memorise one leh… Sanskrit is damn hard ady. Woot.

But yeah.

So after I reach his backdoor, went into the clinic, and told the nurses I want to see the doctor. In that motion, I noticed that they forgot who I am = = So I just “Oh” and walked to the chair and sit. Then one walked out from the counter and to the far right of my place to take the newspaper and looked and me while saying, “Have you visited the doctor before or first time” then she smiled when I said ‘I came here before lor” She finally recognise me and she told Ms Chong this, “Eh, he’s *’s son” I lol-ed and said, “Ms Chong, you forgot who am I ady?” Then she like stun for 2 secs then ohh you’re Alex sei lor so long never see cannot recognise you ady. Lol =D

Well ppl often say I grow lengzhai-er after a period of time not meeting me. So I shall hide for a few years and then get back the same comment kthxbai. xD *let me daydream lulz*

So I paid the doc a visit, he checked my body, and said flue virus. = =

Take more water, screw food wor.

Ok lor, so that day I only took dinner. First time I fasted for…19 hours. WOW. What an achievement lol =D

Took my medicine, and paid Rm20 for it. I went O_O when the nurse said the price. Well like dad said maybe he’s just being kind because he’s damn rich ady nowadays and he’s travelling soon (he’s going UK next month with his wife to visit his kids) and yeah he’s avid in Buddishm. So god knows. Lol.

But yeah, that amount of medicine could easily cost RM40 and above.

So after that called mum and she called one of her clients to send me home from the clinic. Now tell me where can you get such a good mum elsewhere =P

Greeted the uncle, and auntie in the back of the car. Stroke patient for both (I got the info from mum) and yeah I went back home, took my medication, and slept on the mat in the first hall. First funny encounter at home… when I woke up I hear someone banging the metal gate outside. I tilted my head and went =__= who the fuck is it *cos I am still half asleep?* and opened my eyes, saw a St. John member, a girl, yelling auntie!!!! on the peak of her voice. I went… wtf… sau teh lah I wanna sleep *in my heart lulz* and just couldn’t care less. Well if I’m not sick or whatever I would probably entertain her and maybe talk crap with her lol. But I’m a patient that day, so screw it and I slept. After a few minutes she gave up and left. xD End of my first torment.

Forgot what the second encounter is, but yeah I think dad came back. And he went out again for lunch while I used my laptop. My head is swinging and headache man… slept too much?

Surfed around, dota-ed. Lol.

After that head okay ady. = =

Mum went Penang with her clients and “company” =__=|||| and she came back and complain later lolz. Well it’s NOT fun at all to take care of so many disabled / stroke patient / etc you name it in a trip where you cannot rest at all even in the bus the bloody chairman will ask you to cheer ppl up and sing in the bus wtf man.

So dinner dad went out and bought something no oil… and apparently it turned out to be the same dish as lunch, char siu kai fan without oil and soy sause lol. = =

Had my dinner, and medicine, and used my laptop.

Mum came back late at night, I felt better after medication ady. So slept quite late cos I’m chatting with Ruby… lol.

She somehow manage to tell me and answer most of my questions. Pro desu.

… and my feet is the most beautiful part of my body. Don’t believe it? Believe it.

Ah yeah highlights:

[01:58] ruby: yup.. lol
[01:58] ruby: its hard for ppl to ‘tap’ into your soul
[01:59] ruby: you’re naturally that way
[01:59] ruby: you’re kinda unpredictable

— Comment: Fuckwin. = =
[02:39] ruby: dont even think of it@
[02:39] ruby: dont say i didnt give u warning
[02:39] ruby: _ and _
[02:39] ruby: only one can talk
[02:40] ruby: hard to sustain
[02:40] ruby: dats almost impossible
[02:40] ruby: yes
[02:40] ruby: ego

— comment: Holy mother of God.

[02:56] ruby: it’s easy
[02:57] ruby: for u to get married

— comment: does that mean if I have sex with protection, even the condom can break? XD

Yeah so we ended the conversation when both of our systems failed and so I slept.

End of day 2.

So today… woke up… mum told me, eh wanna go maybank?

Due to the fact that the staff called me to settle my account problems, I dragged myself up and went to town. Sat in someone’s car, tumpang heh.

So went to maybank, updated my mum’s passbook, bank in, this and that, waiting for that fella to come down.

Then mum beh tahan so we went lunch first. Came back later. It’s the restaurant somewhat opposite my school. Across the padang, adjacent to the bus stop.

I always eat there one last time. Same 3 dishes. 3 minutes finish everything, pay, and then walk to tuition centre. =D That’s my streak all along back then.

Even the auntie was like waaa so long never see you ady where are you studying now? =P

So ate there, went back maybank, then settled my stuffs FINALLY. No need to cancel either of the accounts. =D

So we went to Target, and then mum bought groceries. Damnit mum knows a lot of ppl, can almost see her meeting ppl everywhere @@ Pro.

Nothing much to highlight here until…

I argued with mum and said she keep talking. = = on the bus.

Then she cried. .__.

Well I know it’s not a bloody achievement but what the hell.

So after we alighted from the bus and walked back home only she started talking. =\

I listen only lor at first looking back at my mistake. .___.

Then she somehow went overboard and I argued back again. .__.” Then everything went back to normal =D

I was damn tired… then used my laptop. Took tea break, and then dota-ed. Dad came back around 6 something, I’m playing lol.

Ah yeah yesterday I did a big leap in my blogskin. Letter writing style, and then today I fixed the IE and FF cross browser compatibility problem… stupid IE rendering problem. Thank you goldfries!

So yeah it’s near completion ady. I look at the blueprint and I wanna kill Anna ady if she wants the double border. Grrr. =P

Ah wait.

Desu desu desu. Done.

eXP Love — Yeah it is love of a lifetime. =3

Why does it exist… just for one reason. Man tend to forget. So it’s to remember.

The one and only.

… and yes I’m gonna kill those who destroy the major part of the skin *hints*

*evil grin*

HTML and CSS isn’t that hard… wahahahahhahah =D

Well you’re gonna learn it in Sem 2 anyway lulz.

Pyzam skin suxxors!


= =

So after dinner I came out, and surfed around, played dota. Ah yeah was watching Live GGTV broadcast then GG.Mars left game WTF and GGTV crashed. So now I cannot stream anything at all WTF. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

It was mKvL vs xDt. .__.

I missed Ks vs XcN that day. .____.

Ah well… zen|th vs XcN too WTF.

OMG it’s gonna take me 6 days to finish that DVD rip. GG weh.

Ah I was attacked by a stomach ache when the game just started… so rushed to the toilet, dump, and came back. Lol.

Almost want to move the table into the toilet ady xDXD

Okeh… = =|||

Anyway so that’s somehow the end of it. .__.

Fever cured, stomach recovering.

Wednesday is my driving lessons, and friday is the test.

Mum insists me to bribe for street driving. .___.

I dunno.


Perhaps it’s time for me to touch my cards again… and rubiks. God I haven’t memorise other formulas yet man. Still stuck to that new two. O_O


Didn’t read programming books, “Harry Potter”, didn’t salvage data from my Pentium III, etc.

Damn a lot of stuffs to do weh.

Someone complained that even my inbox full also must send message wor. =P

Well out of curiosity I went and scroll… and yeah being inbox full means that it’s gonna lag. = = Scrolled half of the page and O_O.

Walao-eh. @_@

Mum’s not at home tomorrow… so I think I have time to count. =\


Alright, this should be enough for these few days. XD



*guess… just wait? anxious for car exam desu*


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