Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ >”<


Kyaaaaaaaa >”<

Tomorrow tight scedule, and very busy night ahead.

It’s already wednesday today. Walao so fast. @_@

So let’s see…

This morning woke up around 1… then brush up, eat noodles. Then I think I dota-ed. (Did I? O_O) I also forgot heeee. Ah yeah 1 round, then after that I concentrated on the remaining parts of my blogskin. After a few curses and few rounds of headache and one can of Anglia Shandy I finally got the show/hide thingy to work! Woots. Transparency filter is not working in IE, I checked, but the overlay transparency is working perfectly fine. Added the clear class to hold both of the divs together and it’s nice now.

Fixed a weird bug for IE where the hr’s not aligning mid. Still cannot figure out what’s making the blog archive blank in IE but firefox it shows up nicely. IE SUXXORS. Rawr.

So in the end, I’m left with designing the borders lah, alignment a bit, after the design is done, I’ll head for the last step which is implementing the innerHTML HTML DOM changing thingy. I finally understand a bit about it after reading the article in w3schools (it rocks) it’s not that hard actually. Heck, the show/hide function is using DOM anyway lulz, I coded my own javascript for it =3 and it worked flawlessly =D so far… lol.

Bloody blogspot giving me a very hard time for the ” and ‘ difference. Major pain in the ass in coding I tell you.

I think it’s almost till the end for coding part ady, almost everything is in place, besides the design as I said earlier. =D

Gotta leave that to 2 days later as my upcoming schedule is a bit tight.

Now at night parents went out and bought dinner as mum cooked extra noodles in the morning so she’s having it as her dinner, while me and my dad ate that two pack of ginger pork rice. Yummy.

Been crafting my skin since… till ellokawan messaged me and urged me to host. = = At first everyone lagged… as I don’t know there’s a new update (I’m logged in since afternoon = =) So I told them “For god’s sake I go and update lah” then I quit game, logout, update, then re-host. Everything went back to normal… damn patch.

It’s just epic when my lIna just reach lv 6, I went in front, stun the Dragon Knight and Princess of The Moon, whack one time, ulti, whack one more time, FIRST BLOOD~. Walk 3 steps, POTM leaped and stuck within the trees, waiting for my stun to cooldown, stun, whack 2 times, first skill. DOUBLE KILL. XDXD

That was epic win. Rainbowbutt went waaaa lol. =P

But then next game Furion got pwnd by POTM… farking gay wehh end game.

Should have taken tormented soul. Or something else. What the hell.

After that lurked around lor. Then argued with mum again regarding the scedule, I’ll elabore bout it in just a few secs more.

Been stoning since for like 20 minutes until I finally decided go sleep and blog lah time to wash face so I walked to the kitchen’s sink and wash my face.

Last night, I was chatting with Ruby in Flirting Corner. Apparently she’s a scorpio too, and she say welcome to the family (emotional) = =|||| and apparently anyone taller than 170cm will have a Scorpio Rising! Which means i’m a Triple Scorpio wahhahahahahha xDxD

She highlighted that my second host consists of Venus… which is attractiveness. I went mellow.gif then huh.gif got meh? xD

Then she say it’s normal that I don’t know. WTF. sleep.gif

Ah well.

So… tomorrow’s schedule. Wake up, breakfast, watch porn wash up go out to town for bank, then sneak to a condomgiftshop maybe, and then rush home.

Hmmmmmmmm… sad.gif I guess it’s gonna be a very tiring day tomorrow. After that, at night Steven’s gonna fetch me from my house to Jaya Jusco in Ipoh, just to watch Wanted, and then send me home. Then on that day itself I can only sleep 4 hours, wake up, and then go to Ipoh for driving. @_@ Waaaaaa.

I believe I can lor… it’s not like I never try it before… but after that I really KO in bed la. Waaaaa.

Anna’s not online for the whole day, wonder how’s her exam. Gotta ask her for her opinion weh. =\


You know at times at life you might just go to a mirror and say, why you the hottest guy/girl in town doesn’t have a date / mate / <insert here> and just have to be at home? Lol. I got that from Art of Seduction xD

Well I don’t know man… maybe time will tell more about it? =D

Perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t know about it… cos if I know… I will be so busy and get distracted from studies lol.

Tho being someone that doesn’t know how to organise his own life, it’s easier to organise for others. Note that financial planners for the government always do a good job but they fail miserably when it comes to their own accounts. Heck there’s even a malay novel we learned in secondary school which mentioned about this exact same case xD Don’t think other people will remember about it ge lah~

You know at times when you wanna pick up a book and read, then the next thing you realise that it’s all e-copy (ebook) and it’s gonna strain your eyes looking at it (as if DotA isn’t eye straining enough xD) and then you’re so far away from Nottingham University where you can print e-books out… and your own home printer which has not been used for the past 2 years… and printing PDF files in photostating shops ain’t cheap… God you just don’t know what to do.

Which reminds me Harry Potter!!!! OMG.

And tons of self-improvement books in my OLD ANCIENT PENTIUM III (I stumbled upon that while looking for magic vids to sell to someone xD) I have to salvage data from there… but first let me clean out some junk from my laptop @_@ All full ady. And yeah the result of defragmenting shocked me, all red in color one icon_question.gif

So…I think I left my disc back there, cannot do reformat… >”<

I have tons of networking ebooks… and it’s still not complete yet, half of them got halted in Thunder Downloader (Xunlei) the bloody powerful internet bandwitdh ‘utiliser’.


Ah well…

I think I better stop here. Lurk around a bit more, then I’ll hit the sack.

Nites world. Besides my inbox is full again for my nottingham email, and handphone. oops.gif



One Response to “Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ >”<”

  1. steph Says:

    u know why u got fever? cuz i’m too hot. ^^

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