I broke my streak xD


Yesh~! I’m finally online today at this hour xD Weeeeee I just broke my streak for not onlining for one day. xD

No dota today at all, I went all out to Ipoh with my mum today. Well actually it’s not a sudden decision as she told me last night while I’m concentrating in dota so I went “err, Ipoh?” then never replied lol. =X

This morning mum woke me up and ask if I want to go to Ipoh or not, so I hesitated at first, but come to think of it I’m bored with my current ‘routine’, so I’d decided to take a shot and break it for the first time in my life during summer holidays I actually went out of my house to somewhere else =D

Ok that might sound sad but what the hell I stepped out of my room yay~ =D

So I lar lar seng rush to the toilet, brush up, and then took my breakfast, my slingpouch with my rubiks and a bottle of water (and I forgot to take my formula sheet >”<) and went down to the bus stop.

Saw my neighbours son… elder than me, I don’t even recognise him now >”< I doubt he can really remember who am I if my mum’s not there =X Age gap there man lol.

So mum chatted with him, I played my rubiks. Bus came, we boarded, and I played for a few times and slept. Well not really slept just rest my eyes. I’m aware of my surroundings.

When we reach Ipoh, mum called her friend, specifically my pet-sis’s mum, and asked his son to come out and fetch us.

On the way to Ipoh I saw schoolgirls in uniforms and ponytails lol. One bunch of them at the bus stop waiting for city bus. So as the bus passes by I glanced through and like schoolgirls lol like aeons since I last noted their existance in those uniforms xD Went past MGS and like woah damn a lot of girls in the school even tough it’s like 2pm already, still haven’t go back. Well didn’t pay much attention to the features, but yeah generally Ipoh has the best breed among all in the whole Malaysia, something undeniable. Disregard the fact that Miss Perak sucks big time. >_> *well we have to take in the fact that in beauty pagent contest the real beautiful ones won’t even wanna come out for that lol*

Then, as we alighted from the bus, one of the girls in the bus stop locked her eye on me. Well you know when someone is looking at you, so I just walked on and took out my earphone and plugged it in, only I glimpsed at her. It’s gonna look weird if I look at her and trip and roll on the floor = = ( xD )

She’s… quite cute. Err, compared to the girls in notts? *well exclude Anna, she’s gonna kill me if I don’t call her cute drama queen lol xD*

I never even noticed 2 shops beside Olyimpia College (yes there’s a bloody small college right there = =) turned into a hairstylist shop filled with lalas. My mum told me, “Waa look lalas” and I look in front and I almost tripped. I actually went “O_O Walao” and turned to the other side with my mum xD

Super spiked hair, red color, piercings, dress like one, speaks like one I reckon’, and definitely in a place where one belong, hair salon. @_@

BUt it’s fucking cheap (well yeah emphasis don’t mind me) RM3 for student cut. WTF weh. Junior cut in Times Square costs like RM25. O_O But yeah juniors that worked like 2~3 years there ady so maybe that’s expensive plus wash and stuffs and shop rental and all that laaa. But RM3… man. Mum even suggests me to enter and have another cut for my hair. Wanted to, but well yeah Steven’s on his way and… I seriously feel awkward to enter a shop filled with ‘lions’ (spiked long GOLD hair guys).

Screw gold, I go for blue. XD or red and tie it up, just like Abarai Renji in Bleach xD =D

Elaine was in the car too… she’s still that fat after 1 year since I see her xD

Went to her house, and I visited the toilet several times. Well just sit there and wait for my stomach to stop squeesing itself and causing me to almost yell. Something is wrong with my stomach, it’s not like I want to pass the motion or what it just twist inside and inflict massive pain >”<

So I have to stay there instead of going shopping with mum and choose her present (yeah that’s one of my main reason to go there to just to get her a gift and satisfy her after sooooooooooooo long nagging at me for one) But in the end she bought a pair of trousers which costs like RM100? After 50% discount and I went wow that’s expensive, but never mind. (since the money comes from my joint account with mum xD)

Heck, I’m not working yet so don’t blame me for that xD

Anyway… I fail to get present for my dad too @_@ cos I stayed at my pet-sis’s home. .____.

Chatted with her…. quite a long chat until she forgot to take her bath .__. after school and we went to eat noodles but we chose porridge instead (due to my stomach, and they wanna eat too) so tried the porridge under “The Big Tree” well it’s really under the tree, and the shop is named as is. Lol.

So her mum accompanied my mum to shop, while I stay at home trying to fix her massive-problem-giving old-computer which in the end I gave up cos it’s either hardware problem or the discs are just… useless. Played rubik’s as long as I can remember (good thing I brought it along) until she complain that the sound is annoying xD

Too bad her other “sis”s are working. ._.

So during dinner time we went opposite her housing estate, it’s a seafood restaurant with her eldest aunt and second aunt. So it’s more like her family dinner + 2 good friends.

Uncle paid for everything again .__. Wow thank you uncle for the dinner. ^^ Mum tried to pay but of course uncle is always faster lol (typical scene one would see especially in rich families / a lot of family members / dinner with friend’s family)

So mum chatted with her eldest aunt, while I talk to Steven about wed’s plan for watchign “wanted” But damn lah I need to drive early in teh morning on the next day… .–.|||

Random intervention:

Now Playing — Winamp – Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way Back Into Love

Nuuuu my fucking mouse Grrrrrr >”< *changes back to original song*

BTW, random one, when I load my playlist in w850i after alighting from the bus and a girl looking at me (xD) the second song that kicked in is “Way Back Into Love” chorus. ._____________. I wonder…

So in the end when Steven dropped me and my mum at the bus stop, Elaine sent an sms in mandarin = = so I have to ask my mum what’s that about and reply in English XD then I might join in on wednesday… but her mum MUST NOT KNOW I’LL BE IN IPOH FOR WED else they’re screwed. Lol. He’s gonna send me home during midnight which he will be in deep shit if his mum finds out. For me too.

But what the hell, I’ll call him up and confirm =D

Wanted FTW~

I could have bought the pirated DVD today, but I resort to either cinema, or download it myself xD

Nyaaaaa =3

So waited quite a long time, mum keep talking I just listen lor, then the bus finally came. Air-cond bus, and it started raining when we boarded the bus. @_@

Dad called, and it’s raining back in my place omgomgomgomg very heavy rain summore wor…

So gg.

Reached Taman Kampar Jaya, *flips* and jumped down from the bus if a bag of trousers + some cow soup thingy inside for dad with my umbrella (mum brought 2 portable ones with her, pro, we travel a lot, so got used to it xD) then slowly walk up the hill back to our house. I saw thunderstrike quite a few times, and it struck the Tesco’s rooftop opposite my housing estate 3 times. Now that’s what I call Zeus’s thunderbolt (2nd skill in dota  @_@) Damn nice weh. Lol. Not nice when the one that got struck is my head @_@

When we reach home, first thing, ask dad to take a bowl out (and he never hear me saying a spoon too xD) so he ranted and went back in to take out a spoon. Poured out the soup OUTSIDE of the house (kuanyin followers cannot bring cow stuff back into the house and EAT) so me and dad cleaned the bowl outside xD Delicious.

Went in, took my bath, and watched ‘Purple Rain’ in TV3, I always like that movie. I don’t know why, maybe the girl in the movie? XD Or the high tech “so-called cracking program” used in the movie XD

WTF? Just skipped some stoning random Lucky Star OST now Winamp plays “Way Back Into Love” again. =O

Awwwwww~ =S


So here I am after watching the movie, wash the bowl (well second round for mum’s leftover soup yesterday night), wash up. Been blogging for almost one hour. @_@ Waa.

I am tired now, now yawning pulak =O *rubs face*

Well here goes one day for me. Damn fast weh. It’s like… 1 year really went past by… just like that without me noticing. I only noticed it when auntie says, how long since you last came down to Ipoh… her daughter replied “after ah chee came out from NS?” I went OMG like 1 year ago. @_@

So fast weh.


Does that mean that my leftover 2 years in UNiM gonna end soon? Waaa it’s a good and bad thing.

Good news — I can leave UNiM, finally. No more restrains.

Bad news — Start working = =

If I get First Class Honours, I’ll most probably apply to be LA (Lab Assitant in Notts), get paid, and free education for PhD. That’s a bloody good deal man. Just for First Class Honours students laaa. =D

Free jump from Degree to PhD. No need masters like anywhere else =D =D

I can save like another additional year. =D

Weeeee…. well gotta work hard for it of course.

*stretches arm*

Which means… me choosing the path of a leap year student is a correct choice indeed.

So let’s say if I DIDN’T LEAP:

I’ll mix back with my old friends, unproductive, got challenge (not as intense as what the fuckers give for my batch), and I definitely won’t have the urge to study xD

Thank god. =)

Zaman Kegemilangan Terakhir ACS Kampar…



My batch .__.

I think Pei Yuan or Sentosa is better than ACS now .___. Nuuuu

But ah well I left ACS anyway… =w

Notts! XDXD

Guess sacrifices are inevitable in life. Lol.

Alright, I’ll end this with a… smiley? Nyaaaaakuuuu =3



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