Almost Another Day


~see the shooting star… tonight… tonight… (FMA theme song I think lol)

It’s another day… 1 day wasted, just like that as usual. Why wouldn’t I be surprised. What really surprised me is I was recently floored and I went into conceptualism in which I manage to find out some of the answers which does not please me. “Your offerings does not pliz kitteh” (well forget it lol).

Which reminds me that I need to do a mindmap… but I did this morning during driving lessons… that instructor went out with others to buy a new handphone (not him) and I stone there for like 1 hour under the tree shade doing nothing? I didn’t bring my rubik’s cube there too, and having a stomachache which made me supress it until I come back to my house due to the fact that the toilet is just… not applicable for it.

… and so I woke up like early in teh morning around 7, when I slept at 2 something in the morning. @.@ Well I was waiting for feedback, and then apparently I have to sleep if not I’ll die this morning. Then again, thank you once more.

So after dressed up, I blasted music to wake myself up. It’s sunday today, so dad can rest, even tough he might be awake due to the effect, but mum keep scolded when she came back with a pack of wantan mee in her hands while she walks inside of the house heading towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for me. It took me 3 minutes for the noodles and 1 minute for the cup of hot Milo. So I was satisfied, and he came. So I hopped into the car and off we go to the PLM. (Pusat Latihan Memandu)

BTW I’d been listening to trace for the rest of the day since I came back from driving. A State Of Trance… but it’s not ASOT lah this is some other live 24/7 trance broadcast from Digitally Imported. Cool songs man. ASOT still the best. =D

Anyway, so when I reach there, after a few minutes, he ask me to drive to the hill and tried parking on the yellow / black / whatever color line it is. So did a few rounds, then off I move to the parking scene. It’s hard at first, but after like a few tries it’s not hard at all. In fact I took a trial test on the spot today O_O Wasn’t expecting that tho, but I passed la for all. Just that I got two crosses on driving in the road, first mistake, I didn’t check if the gear is in free position or not before starting the car (FIRST OF ALL I DID THAT FFS THAT FELLA DIDN’T NOTICE GRRR, SECOND THE CAR IS ALREADY STARTED) and the second mistake was not being able to use the mirrors before turning. Admittedly that was my fault lah, maybe I’m at a small road that’s why I didn’t bother looking. = = But while driving in Kampar I did use the back mirror and the side mirror @_@

Gotta get used to it I guess.

Then wasted 1 hour plus, then trial run. After that, waited a while summore, and went home.

Come back home ady, switch on laptop, modem, router. Rested under the fan. Talked a while with Kristy. Then went to the toilet (I forgot I’m having a stomach ache xD) Came out, and then surfed a while, chatted with lilgirl, and in less than 2 minutes she have to go. I went waa so fast @ @

Too bad…

… and I don’t know if it’s her connection or mine I receive her goodbye message like 2 hours later. = =|||

Besides, today my line is kinda fucked up. Cannot load anything in Firefox, I have to resort to IE. How bloody troublesome that is man.

What to do…

Then after that, I was outside… eating my lunch. Then headed back to the room, and dota-ed. Till like evening, then I did some research on the transparent divs thingy, did some experiment, and have some ideas on how I should implement them. Found the show/hide div function in javascript, never try that yet. Maybe later.

FYI my eyes look exactly like this now -> = =

Man I’m tired I guess.

So nothing much to shout about actually, just dota-ed, then dinner, after that dota-ed again. Never bother to continue webscripting as it’s gonna take me hours of eye-straining brain cracking moments, I’ll leave it for some other day. Enough of it.

Well well well… Summer Holidays same as UK, 3 months++. There goes my time. Bored to death, but reluctant to read books. Ebooks, books, newspapers, whatever.

Didn’t I tell you that I hate reading?


Tho I do camp in Borders for computing books while others are watching a movie in TGV. @_@

Today will be the last day ellokawan and gang dota… school reopens tomorrow. Which means I just lost my kakis again. Sigh.

Ah well.

BTW my Furion quite ok. Lol. Tormented Soul the Malicious too. Can be improved la, but was never expecting myself to kill so much early game xDxD

Well yeah I saved the replay and named it as best LEshrac XD

Ah yeah MyM vs Ks, second replay, haven’t watch yet.

*trancing most of the day*

Conceptualism rocks… power of visualising. It’s damn powderful. Tho it’s gonna cause you to have a migraine if you’re not used to it. =\ BUt for me since I have the free time this morning, I’d drawn out a very rough sketch, flowing from the Himalaya Mountains to the towns of India… and the result doesn’t amuse me, at all. Refused to accept the fact when I knew the answer.

It all happened… on one fine day…


Well guess humanity is really overrated. Very. In fact, I tend to say that, there’s no answer to everything. Because we ourselves are not in a postition to give ‘valid’ answers… like… the famous ‘no man is worth your tears’, ‘there is no other god but Him’ that kinda thing.

I tend to live life to the extreme. Which means I’m willing to forego everything for whatever I perceive “worth” at that “moment”. It’s more of like, seeking for the moment awaiting to grasp it if I can.

Definition of existance… is what I always think about.

I actually jumped when I listen to my message tone. O_O||| Guess I’m really off guard. Got freaked out. Geez.

Now, it’s either I’m doing it right, or towards another party I’m doing it wrong, or I shouldn’t be doing it at the first place, or the other party is shallow. That’s a mystery yet to be unveiled.

Art of Deception 101 — If you’re able to decept yourself, you’re good. Lol.

Perhaps trance really calms me down to a certain degree, I’mma trance freak. =D

Music is life. Chicken soup for the soul.

That’s what I always practiced since secondary school… no wonder I don’t have a life since I went to Notts. Stopped listening to music. As in, real good enjoyable music.

Lol that’s just random.

Girls just like to mindfuck poor innocent naive guys right?


It’s just like, “when you see it, you shat brix.”

Holy shi-

For what’s worth, I always think that escaping or running away from reality is never ever a road to be taken.

You’ll be trapped into a vortex like pussy Ichigo that got trapped into that whatever imaging dimension of that weird ass bakuto (or whatever you spell it) in the latest episode of Bleach [tho forget about the fact that he unleash his reiatsu and broke the vortex wtf lol]

And I ain’t kidding when it’s the direct same feeling when there’s a major difference in reiatsu with “something” nearby you. A.k.a. supernatural beings. I still find that feeling amazing, never cease to amuse me everytime I think back.

Once in a lifetime experience… now tell me if you get to bump into those stuffs as often when you live in the city where as if you’re in the middle of an oil palm estate for 3 months with no entertainment and gloomy sullen place you’re prone to adapt to nature. Which is when you will start to understand how nature works in a very weird way.

You know miracles seriously do happen in the middle of no where?

I experienced it. What about you?

I like sheeptech… no, – Nice skin. I wonder how he do the collapsing div thingy. Viewed source and have not a slightest idea on how it’s implemented. =\ Dang.

Maybe it’s one of the WP plugins, I don’t know, don’t think so tho. Nice skin. Ahhh.

Now, if I have decent photoshopping skills and taste for design, creating an elegant and simple webdesign is peantus. Provided that it conforms to Web standards, w3c.

Bloody blogspot default skin is not even conforming the standards despite the fact that the DTD used is STRICT WTF. WTF MAN SERIOUSLY.

I noticed that my rubik’s timing now averaging around 1 minute plus, using Fridich F2L. Still cannot master it as fast as other people. Damn… Practice moar maybe.

Devotion… is important. I think. Lol.

From, it was mentioned that devotion means:

1. Ardent, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle. See Synonyms at love.
Selfless affection…
God I’m yawning. Guess I’ll either sleep now, or play 1 more match or whatever. I don’t know. Lol.
Good night world.
— Alex Cheng.

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