Quick One


Firefox Crashed, Skyped Malfunctioned, then BSOD for my comp. Seriously opting for slipstreaming and reformatting.

Second, thank you to someone that answered my question. You’d been really helpful.

Thrid, tomorrow wake… today wake up early for driving, so more updates later.

Forth, I really laugh at how silly I became.

Fifth, internet is fabricated. Mass media FTW. Everything is… so… fake. Or maybe sometimes someone mastered the art of depection without even realising it… (would someone not realise it actually?)

Sixth, I’m gonna do a mindmap after I came back. For once and for all, I’m gonna get down to the root of all evil, money. Ok that’s not my real intention but wtf I’ll get to know what I want in the end I hope.

Seventh, 1:30 AM 7/6/2008, guess at times like what Kwang said is accurate… for once… “There’s no one to blame but yourself

Eighth, which made me realised that Kwang and Jeevan really guided me a lot… despite the fact that their driving skills tak boleh pakai one if follow sure fail my license ady XD I believe both of them will concur too.

Nine… “all I wanna do is find my way back into love~” lol it just came to me. Lol.

Ten… for once winamp finally plays the correct song after so long @@

Let me quote one line from my newly-bought Felton bottle.

Life is full of setbacks.

True indeed, wise words.

AC. Bloggin in Idiot Exploiter v7. Wow. 1:33 AM + v7 = 1337. xD Wow leet desu~

Protip: Never judge a ‘post’ by it’s ‘slang’.

*edit — Apparently there’s only (god knows how many but I say 1) person(s) that knows how to read my blog posts. Guess it’s just as the saying goes… ‘takes one to know one‘ *does that ring some bells? ngekngekngek*


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