I just tossed my rubiks. .___.

I lost my last match .___.

I am stoning… .___.

Mum is still awake at around 2 .___.


To someone,
If you think your routine sucks, try mine. For fucking sake I would be more than happy to trade it, gladly anytime.


Sang Wu Hai wtf. = =

Whatever lah~

So last night didn’t blog due to the fact that I slept at 5. @ @

Well played a lot of games, including FuFu AllStars, HUNGRY HUNGRY FELFOUNDS (YES), Some sniping map, Some survival map, dota (duh). There are ngam ngam 5 players, including Jenny, ellokawan’s friend. Wtf CK wrong item man… hand of mordiggam wtf wtf. = =

Anyway… did had fun lah last night. That’s why it’s so late.

I wonder why I want to stay up so late last night =\ Maybe it’s just once in a while… maybe not. =S


I forgot what happened that day… ah yeah I drove. Got scolded, but my first time to that bridge… overhead bridge, quite narrow too. First time learning how to stop on teh hill on that damn black thingy. Damn kaw hard. Then learned some turning rules and that’s about it.


Nothing much to report bout yesterday.


Do I have one…

Woke up at 2. = = Bathe, stomach ache, then ate kuey teow (mum just have to buy that everytime I have stomach ache = =)

Err did I dota or… I downloaded something… downloading in fact that time. Then played dota a few matches, then argued with mum when she came back cos I yelled in the phone where I died when ppl first blood me .___.

Not yell tho, high tone. Still wtf.


Then argue summore in the hall, and then lilgirl messaged.

So I watched… then I dunno do what.

Later on watch TV2, tried something with AI.

Bathe, dinner.

Came out, errr played and watched Hellboy in TV3.

Then viruz messaged me so I somehow manage to find him again as his host rmk then I ngam ngam join that game lol.

In the end we lost cos I feed like fuck with Nerubian Assasin .___. and 2 other heroes left (noobs also) and left me, him, and his friend (duno who).

Now Playing — Jay Chow — Whatever chinese name that is… Ni Bi Chong Cian Kuai Le? 你比从前快乐

I like his songs… used to have his fullset collection when my mum went WTF Jay Chow change song la back in the secondary school days…

Aih… old la…



Ni bu neng gou bi chong cian kuai le~




Well today’s driving lesson got postponed to today… 4PM. .___.

Then dun wanna play dota one at night as she doesn’t wanna play… then err steven insisted… so I created. Then rmk like damn a lot of times, andrew came in. Steven left to bed. = =

So we played, I host in the end. Then out of a sudden, I got a misscall… and when I press the button… andrew dc… clan leader… the most prominent leader of the game left… and we have one damn motherfucking pussy lina that farms in forest where me and ellokawan have to do most of the tanking. =\

If only Justin or Steven is still here… maybe we can still win. .___.

Sigh…. First time Ursa… not bad still can kill… saved the damn replay. Ellokawan’s first time pudge too…. = =

Sad case.

Mmmm Jay’s ‘Secret’


I don’t like this song I dunno why.


Maybe it’s just me… again.


What the hell.

I’ll download the rest of the wallpapers later maybe… downloaded bleach still haven’t watch yet.

Man it’s been years since I last went out of my house and look at the DAMN MOON IN THE FUCKING SKY. .___.

*stones for 3 secs*

Maybe I did… but what the hell… *points forefinger to forefinger*

*heaves a sigh*

*takes a bow*

Being toyed, AC.


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