So Much For Doing It


There goes my to-do task.

Today’s driving lessons got postponed to today. *points at the time* 2:23 AM 7/3/2008

Nao, I’m blogging now as that fella don’t feel like playing now, and his friend dc/ed in a game. Sigh.

Anyway, hot water bottle really helps a bit to cure stomach problems, be it FOOD POISONING (just to wear off the pain effect), wind in stomach, constipation (I dunno lol), and indigestion (waiting for report =P).

Woke up at 1… bloody hormones. I damn blur and I can’t think. Just sit there stoned. Someone called. I’m bathing… and then an hour later 100 called and said ‘You have 1 misscall. Press 1 to retrieve press 2 to yada yada yada’. Hence, I pressed 1. “Please enter pin number”. I say harrr go fuck yourself and hung up.

Ate…….. red beans + rice. That’s it. Ah and some leftover sardine from last night’s dish.

Then ah… dota ler… until like… 4? Then I alt+tab, saw Kristy online *I won’t get sued as I didn’t put ™ muhahaha* and I decided… hmm later need to leave also if I play so I quitted.

Then logged into meebo as MSN’s fucking up, then chatted.

*twisting my earring*

Not long after that, that instructor called and say today no car, postpone tomorrow.

SO I went O_O har then ok lor.

Chatted with lilgril too… poor her.

Envy le… Japanese class. T_T

Then ah… said farewell, and I continue stoning. Dota-ed in the hall, while watching TV XD

From then onwards I played outside until now.

So much for doing what I wanted to do earlier. >_>

Today la… today…

OMFG heavy rain.

Yay good sleep.

Hope your stomach gets better… especially when you’re doing your exam.



1 more month. Should I? But I can’t. I can la… if I really want to… but what if… ok several questions will kick in after that, several outcomes, several replies… OMG.

It’s gonna be like BFS tree (Breadth First Search) OMFGWTF. T_T Nuuuuuu

Why is it so hard for me… T_T


Sad right. Got the ‘heart’ to do something but not being able to. T_T

Sad…. =(

That day I bought a new water bottle filled with inspirational quotes and lines… from errr *grabs bottle and finds for the brand name* Felton. I’ll post one, maybe ‘min pik si guo’ and end this post. =(

BTW this is the one that atttracted my attention.

Communication is complicated. We are all raised in a different family with slightly different definitions of every word. An agreement is an agreement only if each party knows the conditions for satisfication and a time is set for satisfaction to occur.

Which is so damn true. =(



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