Well if the header is not attractive enough for you to continue reading further on in this post, that means  I phailed. sad.gif

So this morning I woke up around 10… and slept again… too tired due to last night. Slept late. @_@

Woke up around 1 something, then ate mum’s fried rice (which usually tastes very good but today it’s a bit off due to the stupid soy sauce but I still like it ^^) Then err… marathon dota, rmk like a few times then pissed off ady around 4 PM don’t want to play in case that fella comes early and bring me out to drive.

So I watched err MYM vs KS. I went =O wtf lol. Nice replay. Really really interesting lineup. Yamateh didn’t perform well in this game, keep dying. Well there’s still a second replay where KS won… tomorrow (today) lor.

Then that fella came, I took my wallet and hp, and left the house. *God knows mum was at the sundry shop and I can’t contact her*

Drove to Kampar Town =D But met some weird and angry cases, like inconsiderate drivers la, stupid uncle on the bike swinging from left to right I also dunno what to do just keep braking only lor. The instructor tulan ady use the horn and he sway even more = = then he yelled, OI mabuk ka? Then that fella stopped aside and yelled, “Siapa tadi kata saya mabuk punya?” old Indian fella and cursed. This instructor pulak “Saya kata you mabuk la (censored)* then I just step on the accelerator and left the place. Tulan ady.

Quite fun driving around, but when one’s driving right… it’s like 10001 stuffs you have to remember on what to do. Look at the rear mirror la, side mirror la, junctions, front traffic, back traffic, in line or off line waaaalao eh.


But all went well in the end.

Came back, finish the replay, and then went out and play rubik’s while watching TV2. Skipped the show during 6~7PM.

Then I went back in, forgot what I did, then took my bath, and waited dad to come back around 8:30 PM. His bike ah… aiyoh. = =

So late dinner, then I went straight in, then dota marathon from 9 till now. Well we played dota, some fufu ninja thingy, and kungfu panda. Ellokawan and others hate kungfu panda but like fufu wtf. I say fufu sucks big time. = =


I hope I improved… despite the fact that today my POTM elune arrow all feikei. WTF.


Then I was playing my rubik’s after that last game. Play play play halfway executing one of the formulas… and lost track, I went R or R2 or U or omfgwtfbbq I forgot… as I was thinking of someone sleep.gif then I keep turning round and round, hoping for me to solve it without mixing it again and re-solve it. After a few minutes of trying, then my hand itchy, I went and turn the other way and I actually went “Waaa” It’s back into a nice position XDXDXD Was damn happy and smilling ady then just solve it and dashed to the kitchen to wash my face. Well if I didn’t manage to get it I’ll be doing that till morning. = = And I’m serious.

So now the egg solution is pulling my face, so tight. Wash it later. I have no idea, first time doing this, mum ask me to try so I just go ahead XD

And so… I didn’t do what I said. I didn’t practice what I’d preached. ;_; *sobs*

Die lor die lor T_T

Actually at times right I can brainwash myself, it’s just the matter of whether am I willing to do it or not… usually I get stuck there and forget about brainwashing. So the matter I wanna forget / remember will not be ‘implemented’ and still exist in my brain. sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

Regardless, hopefully everything’s alright for me lor. Time will tell.

September is gonna come in a blink of an eye… gotta enjoy summer holidays sin. Ahahah laugh.gif

Heard quite a number of mandarin songs today, due to the fact that I enqueued the whole friggin mandarin songs folder in my winamp… so I heard Qiu Fo la… this and that. I went lol I actually sang that before XD

Ah well…

*sings* Ni fa ru xue fen fei de lalalallal XD XD *didn’t hear, just random*

*rubs eyes*

Lol lol lol lol laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

Now Playing — *random* – Chata – Dango Daikazoku

*dangodangodangodango* lalalalala biggrin.gif

It’s late. Guess this ends it.

Before that… another random question…

Well not really a question but just a random statement I guess…

Chinese Saying… ‘yat gau sang ching’ I don’t know the direct translation for it in English XD So it’s like the more you face someone / something, sooner or later you will learn how to like / love it.

Is it true? Or it’s just another saying?

I think I’d been through that before… regardless of people or item (computers!)



Good night world…



4 Responses to “WTFBBQSAUSE”

  1. stephanie Says:

    ya i think its true gua.. when u’re with him or her more, then you guys will communicate more.. then will understand each other more, will notice their inner beauty more and etc……. =P..

  2. kris Says:

    haha agree!its totally true.Its like u used to him/her being around,chat with u etc,then when he/she gone away u’ll start to think of he/her..
    btw,dota for the whole day!swt -.-”’
    and the

  3. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Lol you two commented lolz.

  4. Barnzisnotdiscarded Says:

    fufu ninja is much better than dota la

    p.s. the one who create kungfu panda oso worked on fufu ninja project.

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