My first time I dota-ed straight for 5 hours. *actually I’d tried longer la but lol*

Anyway, just switched my A/C on, so it’s gonna take a while before the room gets cold, so I’ll be blogging till then.

*wipes sweat off forehead*

Now, last night I met ellokawan and played 2 matches… one won, very funny game summore I keep alt+tab and chat with other ppl, and then alt+tab back, see a hero in front of me, mirana elune’s arrow, stun one whack die. XD Then my kill again. Suddenly next few mins I alt+tab, come back, then elune arrow, DK. LOL.

There goes first round… wanna sleep ady as today gonna wake up early and do stuffs, then ellokawan says one more game la… then ok lor. Second game kena trashed. Hero coordination all ran away. Opponent all stunners. 4 of them, 3 area stun. WTF how to play. Kena trashed lor… what to do.

So this morning I woke up around 11? I forgot. Mum was like wake up laaa late lor go out for lunch and still need to do this do that.

Woke up, bathe, dressed up, went outside via public bus. *well that’s the only thing we can do* but thank god met an uncle, some uncle la (mum knows almost every chinese family in my taman, so from small till now I get free rides to tuition and town sometimes) then he dropped us somewhere in the town. Walked to my ‘used-to-be 3rd-home-during-secondary’ restaurant, ‘Lam Kee’ and ate there. That uncle serves us, with super high manners and give us better stuffs (a.k.a Milo AIS super kao, sup super big bowl [well it’s 3~4times bigger than the chibi bowl of yours lol]) only that uncle la… others couldn’t give a shit. Good enough ^^.

went Cosway, and mum bought her stuffs and for someone else. I have to take the bloody pack of bottles she acquired. Damn heavy sial… take it as core training @_@



Then walked to the computer shop and they don’t have cros-LAN cable. WTF.

So we walked and planned to find a shop for me to pierce my ear. = = Apparently last time the way they pierce their ears are that scary… take a ginger, put behind of your earlobe, and just hook the damn ear-ring through it. Ouch.

Saw another Uncle in a watch shop, chatted a while, saw his son too (age gap like… waaa) then mum asked him where he pierced his ear and he said ‘nehh’ points to next store. He lead us into the shop, and I got my piercing. Just like that. 3 minutes? Lol.

Went in, choose earrings, the smallest and not so revealing one (no point wearing bigass ones so fast). Then, he took out the gun, marked my ear, ask me if it’s the correct position, then ok ady, spray some waterish thingy, I think painkiller or antiseptic liquid, then ‘pak’ there goes my ear. I feel the sharp slight pain for a while, and then he spray on my ear. Damn cooling lol.

Look at the mirror, I went OMFGWTF so fast? Lol. Mum dare not look at him piercing my ear = =

Then walked to Guardian and mum stock up her stuffs = = so I have to walk around in the air-cond buidling stoning at hair wax and gels. = =

So after like 1 hour? (mum still wanna stay longer = =) we walked to the bus station and boarded a bus. WEll it happens when you take this bus and the other one moves first… and mum will be like eh wanna go to the next bus or not then this and that la and I thought you wanna go home fast? I say nvm la sit ady *and I was playing my rubiks, and I’m tired [YES I BROUGHT IT OUT].

Then reach home at around 3 something, and I bought an ice-cream from the sundry shop while mum gave the stuffs to the owner. Chatted a while, I stood under the fan and enjoy my ice-cream.

Then we walked home like after 30minutes later? Lol.

On the way, I ranted, waaaa so damn heavy (well the weight divided by 2 after giving the owner of the sundry shop the stuffs they wanted) then mum was like saying eh I treated you ice-cream wor RM2 help me take this stuffs back to the house la and something along those lines I laughed and continue walking up the hill. The freaking hill is so damn steep wtf. T_T But thank god I’d been trained since Form 2? Lol.

Imagine yourself walking up a 35degrees upward hill with a BIG traditional squarish schoolbag, with 5 textbooks, 15 exercise books, one 1.5L bottle of water, 1 PJK T-shirt and pants, umbrella, raincoat (I don’t think… wait it is inside wtf), and then on your hand there’s another few text books you use your hand and grab. So you’ll be like, left hand books, your bag on your bag, right hand mop the sweat on your forehead. Waaaaa.

I can actually run to the bus stop when the bus is at the junction = = with that BAG and stuffs… from the middle of the field. @_@ My friends that was at the library (directly facing the field and bus stop) the form 2 girls and guy la so they are like looking at me from afar and cheered when I ran. I think I actually hear them screaming. Like 100meters away? = =||| But they told me the next day also la XD

Now ah… I think I’ll collapse with that weight on my back lolz.

So came back, first thing, power up router and modem, switch on laptop, then only head for the toilet. = =

Chilled down a while, lurk around before getting into the car and learn how to drive = =

So first thing, he asked me to drive around the new housing estate opposite Kampar Jaya (Taman Kampar Perdana where that sohai tofu stays now *whistles*) then drove around lor. Got scolded once as I let go of the clutch too early. = = Ish.

Then he ask me to drive far to somewhere around malim nawar WTFFFFFFFF on the main road where there are lorries, impatient drivers, dangerous drivers which do not value their life, etc but in the end it’s all well. A bit scary, I wasn’t scared about that, I’m scared what happens if the car just stalls @_@

And cannot go faster than 50kmp/h if not there goes my P license (during exam). I stopped slightly off the white line (instant fail also @_@) Walao…

Then drove back, paid him, and tomorrow, same routine. I finally got my L license today. = =

Ok la quite nice ^^

Dad’s old faithful motorcycle condemned today, this morning and only around 6 I know about it = = Dad have to come back by bus. = = gg

There goes the damn old bike.

What to do, poor family mar =(

Anyway, shit I forgot what I wanna type XDXD

So after dinner, (mum cooked my fave, one pile of delicious finger lickin’ potatoes and I sapu everything clean just now lol) I started dota until now with ellokawan. Andrew is farking good… bloody clan leader. = =

But then last game, one of his friend’s modem got struck by the lightning, and yeah it’s not a joke, then he dc-ed instantly. = = His last words… ‘Finally’ then you can see his nickname waiting for player = =

ellokawan somehow got into a fight with another ppl, some friend’s of his friend, that he disrespect his friend that got dc-ed and being blamed as pp, and both of them keep flaming flaming and flaming until everything got up so intensed that they wanna meet up in real life = = The best part is, after the game ended, Andrew beh tahan and say back lor we pwn you you keep quiet we lose you bark. But yea we were just playing for fun and my sniper feeding like crazy the last round as they say play fun wor. Lol. But play fun if that fella didn’t dc can win ady. = = That shows how good that Andrew is with his Earthshaker = =

Which reminds me…. ‘Teardrops on my guitar’… does it resembles Andrew? o-o

So in the end, a clan match is necessary. I’m out of the picture ofc cos I’m just an outsider, friend, not in the clan. Well if I’m in the clan, I’ll be playing 24/7 this week, make sure I pwn lol.

._. but I fail to do what’s listed in the past post ._.

Damn… *points forefinger to forefinger*


Anna having her finals ady, all the best.

I’d been blogging for the past 30mins lol.

Ah yeah before I forget i got this off a quote from someone’s profile, random ppl. I find it quite interesting and laughed after reading it. It’s particularly true =(

“To walk is easy but to walk alone is tough, being missed by someone is nice but missing someone is painful, being loved is secure but to love is insecure.”

… and yeah I wonder what’s so interesting about social networking sites… a.k.a Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, etc.

… and my KIS IS DISABLED, KEY GOT BLACKLISTED, haven’t uninstall and install the Business Edition of ESET ESS I found via rapidshare… lazy. Tomorrow (today) la.




It’s a frame of sorrowness! Why I go and do it? Gotta change it. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I can feel the very slight pain from my ear, hopefully I can sleep through this week lolz.

Very tiny… silver star. XD

Raki Suta~~~ Lucky Star~

Woo the room is cold now (it better be if not I’m trashing my air-cond)

I have to get my… what was that i have in mind just now? Oh fuck. My… my… ah yeah limewire. = = and Ares. = =

Hmm somehow that photograph reminds me of what I photoshopped in Kwang’s comp, now with me, the one pair of teddy bear that was used in Princess Hours OST… it’s in my deviantart. =\ My newbie choppin skills T_T

If I’m as good as Rames or even Chingy… darn.

Well too bad I study Computer Science not Arts and Designs XD

Which reminds me stupid Bal now regret he’s taking Software Engineering in Johor.

Tough luck dude, being color blind really sucks (that’s why he got rejected from seleecting any engineering course besides SE)

I think I’m tired, time to retire and hit the sack.

Nites… to my blog… and maybe… never mind.


*edit 2:53 AM 7/1/2008

BTW, tofu’s gf is called or used to be called ‘Rachel’… and she looks exactly like my friend’s sister which is named ‘Rachel’ and went to Aust for further studies… oh that angelic innocent face of hers lol.

But, wait, wtf, the photo I posted, come to think of it, directly resembles her. NO wonder I told OYenKen she looks familiar like a friend of mine *facepalm* Tho I really don’t have a close range attempt with my friend’s sis… mum called when I was talking to her over in my friends house to stay overnight. Bahhhhh should have silent my phone like what Caleb always do. = = Gah.

If not I would have performed to her that night (cos that time I’m still active in cardistry… or whatever you call it laaaaa~)

If you think this is fictional, you seriously can go fuck yourself (not aimed at anyone in particular lol).


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  1. weroth Says:

    WTH Bal take Soft. Eng!?
    …a bit unexpected

  2. stephanie Says:


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