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Ok… Finally

July 31, 2008

Now Playing — Eden of Paradise – Cyber Trance

Stoning to this song now while waiting for wordpress to load. Don’t know why “Write Post” page in WP always take the most time to load. Sheesh. Regardless of IP.

Now, I think my hp is expired by now, and decided to keep it as is… lol. Freeze it wahahha =w=

Then again, getting trashed by Indonesian Players ain’t really a fun thing, but it really teach me something, when you’re in a group, with co-operation, everyone can shine. That’s what happened to my old Viper match.



Random as I can be… but

July 29, 2008


God ****ing forbid, I cannot load meebo but can load other international websites. Wtf?

… and and and…

I got an outbid for lilgirl’s photo. Guess what, Julian.

So I just click re-buy. Tapao. =w


Protected: (angel)

July 29, 2008

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It’s pumping fast…

July 29, 2008

Now Playing — Maksim – Croation Rhapsody (It’s working! Finally!)

Well I’ll talk about personal stuffs later.

So, recently I reformatted my pc, and my laptop took the shift from Windows XP SP3 Final 32bit to a far more high leap, Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64bit.

It was wonderful. The speed is beyond imagination. Quite stable so far, despite the fact that it gave me problems during windows update and updating it to SP1.

Have to manually go into safe mode and let it unconfigure and reconfigure it. Then all I can do is waittttttttt until it’s done.

Then reinstalled softwares, mostly 32bit tho, besides one or two software which is 64bit.

So I would like to bring your attention to one of the software which I installed and it’s neat (in terms of making your taskbar look neat). XP and Vista users should pay attention on this.

As a slacker nowadays, and a student, I tend to multitask. Well having that said, undoubtedly I’ll have tons and tons of applications running on taskbar and sometimes looking for the tab to change really slows down your actions quite a bit. I found this via LYN if I’m not wrong. Anyway kudos to the cool software.

It is called Taskix. For more information click here.

Well I’ll show you some practical examples. For instance, this is my current layout on my taskbar, and I want err say skype’s chat window to be at the first (as it’s very HIGH priority for me =P) followed by Firefox and etc… so here’s the before. (Click to enlarge)

First, the initial layout.

Second, I’m dragging the skype window to where I want

Third, drop it, and voila. It’s done. Less than 2 seconds.

Well I hope you will find it useful. =D

I know I do. Even if it’s not that useful for you, a friend might go, “Eh, it’s so cool! Cmon teach me how did you do that” XD

Ok. Next, Firefox addons.

Here’s what I’d installed, and I’ll highlight what’s useful.

AdBlock Plus — Does that not self-explanatory enough? 😉

Add n Edit Cookies — As mentioned. Edit cookies. Might come in handy. (esp

British English Dictionary — So far I didn’t really notice it yet lol

Chinese Pera-kun — Supposedly a translator for chinese words, haven’t test it out yet.

CookieSwap — I have yet to try this (for my mission in using XSS attack)

DownThemAll — The first FF built-in download accelerator! It’s cool!

Extended StatusBar — Just like Opera’s. Detailed information, good for web programmers too.

Fast Dial — I highlighted this before. Ok la screenie.

Firebug — Hohoho realtime edit on the loaded page. Good for hacking and webediting. (esp

Form Free — Should be useful but I haven’t been able to try it out. Lets locked forms free to be edited.

IETab — Uses IE-rendering engine and load a website, as if you’re using IE. A webprogrammer must-have.

Tamper Data — They say this goes along very well with Firebug. I just got it so haven’t try it out. Tampers the data using HTTP headers and others.

URL Fixer — Fixes common typos with the url like cmo, nte, etc.

WOT — Web Of Trust. Don’t ask me why I installed it. =w=

Guess that’s all lol. Hope it would be useful.

Now to a more private side…

Well if I haven’t experi3nc3 it before, I think I would have faced a heartattack (or assume it is).

One might say that it’s actually fun… adrenaline… or nervousness… or something that makes your heart go wild? for instance… or maybe direct saying using cantonese something that makes you go “lor lor luin” leh~ but overloading effect of it is just not as fun as prescribed. Lol.

I don’t know it just came to me. Well yeah I look as blur as this 1 hour ago -> mellow.gif

Now ah I think I feel slightly better lol… =.=

What’s wrong with me anyway… maybe I idle too much already. Must be TM’s fault la. DotA matches all either leave game or quit cos too lag ady. Stupid hosts. =w=

On the other hand, blogspot is getting on my nerves as implementing sidebar and WIDGETS is really a major PAIN IN THE ASS. I TELL YOU LIFE NEVER GETS SO IRRITATING lol. But nevertheless I finally see through it and am still waiting for someone to test the code. dry.gif

I’d added an easter egg within that skin. Lol. Hopefully no-one finds out (*ahem* me telling it here means wahahaha =X) It’s… quite hidden. No links, and probably no one will notice it with the naked eye. Unless someone inspects the source code for hidden text which will render useless as it’s cleverly hidden muahhaha laugh.gif but here’s a hint to those who are interested: it explains why I crafted that skin, IN DETAIL. oops.gif

Man don’t you just love IPB emoticons? They’re just so lovely… wub.gif but nothing beats this:


Lol. Damn cute.

Damn it’s hot in the living room. @_@

2 months passed just like that… time goes by pretty quick. Semester 1 final exam feels like it’s just yesterday. All the frantic movement of mine, moving out of my house, staying over at Kwang’s house, conquered his table (lol thanks Kwang) and shared his toilet and gave me a place to stay when I got kicked out due to that bastard, and then studying late at night while looking at the moon blaming why this house doesn’t have any internet connection like my previous house that can be cracked easily T-T, reading sms-es while studying which made me realise that time’s running out and I have to sleep ohmy.gif then wake up early 7am in the morning study and read again before exam starts at 9… Man. It’s very hectic, but fun. Seriously. Exams had never been this fun.

Oh yeah my Valentine Kiss is in another folder =w= No wonder Winamp skipped it. Nuu cry.gif

65%. On mark. Thank god. notworthy.gif

Forever in my life… I’ll remember what started to happen after March…rclxub.gifvmad.gifblush.gifunsure.gif

I really wonder who’s the bastard that reported me to the IS and then the Admin guys came and kicked my ass. Geez.

*Yes Caleb with his usual gay-ness. sleep.gif

Anyway, this more or less concludes this post.


*edit — good luck for those who are having exams. 😉

Rainbowbutt lol

July 27, 2008

[01:50:42] <eXPeri3nc3> thanks to you la jason
[01:50:45] <eXPeri3nc3> ask me take lion
[01:50:45] <rainbowbutt> alex din mention me in ur blog
[01:50:50] <rainbowbutt> T.T
[01:50:51] <ellokawan> ….
[01:50:52] <eXPeri3nc3> LOL
[01:50:52] <rainbowbutt> only ellokawan
[01:50:54] <rainbowbutt> lol

My Life…

July 26, 2008

… drastically changed since April.

— Out of nowhere, AC. 3:11 AM 7/26/2008

Protected: Can’t Help It

July 26, 2008

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Posting from…

July 26, 2008

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 64Bit. =D

Tho one sad thing is, I forgot to back up… my Skype history files. =( Seriously very down when I noticed it after nudging Anna just after I manage to boot my computer and install Skype lol.

That time I’m churnning durians too.

Now Playing — Streaming Winamp – A State of Trance

It’s damn smooth in Vista, SP1 is even better. Rock solid, alt+tab from Warcraft to Desktop damn fast and responsive. GArena was having problems earlier before installing SP1, but after that no more problems. =D

I wasted like 3 hours waiting for the damn patch to install just to find out my time was totally wasted as it won’t take that long. Then amyhs99 asked me to reboot to safe mode and somehow it started reconfiguring in safe mode. = = Wtf that’s weird but who cares anything goes I want to use my laptop.

Anyway, SP1 was successfully installed, and yeah I’m enjoying the wonders of Vista in 64bit environment. =D

I just got my WLM installed, I forgot to run as admin. =w=

He disabled UAC for me, so no more annoying popups. (well I’m educated enough on the softwares I download and won’t simply double click on malwares lol).

Kinda stoned now, maybe it’s due to ASOT… a bit, and err yeah unexpected response.

I’ll post a screenshot of my current Vista.

4.6 — Considered not bad already. Super smooth. =D

Alright it’s late. Been drowning in thoughts for the past few minutes.

Alex. [AWOL]

Supposedly AWOL…

July 25, 2008

AWOL – Absent Without (Official) Leave

For more information check this out:

2:27 AM 7/25/2008 I’m typing this via notepad cos something is wrong with my Firefox that reloads wordpress so suddenly making all the alignment and post gone just like that -_-

Never mind…

TOday ah… wait.

Now Playing — Secret Garden – Adiago

Sad song.

Never been posting much these few days. Best inspiration and will to blog always comes when I wash my face lol.

It never fails.

I forgot what I am supposed to post now. .__.

Anyway, usual routine. Just that internet is sucky during the evenings, and my windows is fucking me up. = =

I suddenly… wait *goes check something* Ok I should be safe so far desu.

*stares at the ceiling*

So let’s see:

1. Finish my skin!!!1111oneone (highest priority)
2. Study HTs (How to steal a cookie -_-)
3. Study Java (GOd… Oh god.)
4. Study @#$&*() again? Dota la lol.
5. Cards (Oh yesh I degraded so much, must practice back my cuts and flourishes and sleights and and and whatever)

So at night thought of finally manage to DotA with ellokawan and gang, then when I play my warcraft 3 display super fucking lag. Choppy like hell, it’s even worse than pentium 4 wihtout graphic card. = = endured the game, and won, cos teammates owning like hell.

Then I used my time to defragment my computer and restarted. After that only ok.

It’s really wtf-ness when last time I can open FF, Winamp, MSN, SKype, GArena, UTorrent and doesn’t lag a bit… but just now everything else are closed besides GArena and it lags like god knows why.

I’ll spare Anna for this.

It all started after I deleted some videos and stuffs which are redundant, cleared half of my Desktop, gonna clear them again tomorrow. Saw one or two interesting pictures in one of the folders I have, and copied the rest into it. Saw one particular one I took for photoshopping… well… heee *ssh*

Looking at them really reflects back of what I’d been through. THe same thing. Never changes. Well it does but doesn’t differ that much in reality.

Yesh Warlock is gay game damn hard lol. Really trains hand eye co-ordination.

Speaking about DotA I hate eyo using FV. Really bastard. Then that what ah boy sleeping while playing knnccb then no mood ady and lost. = =

*stoned for a while*


It happens.

I should sleep now.

Nites world. Good luck for Steph in her exam, and Kristy which is a total noob when it comes to computers =P

*heaves a sigh(
Alex. 2:43 AM 7/25/2008

Rojak Post Before I AWOL

July 24, 2008

Ok la this is gonna be quite long. But yeah I’ll keep it short as it’s 2:12 AM now and my stomach is growling. I think I’m hungry. Oh god. Well I’ll keep it compact.

Where and what shall I start with… ah well.

You know when you see this happen in your life, all you want to do is just yell ahhhhhh knnccbtnswtfbbssauseonpasta!

As promised, Quick Dial in my Firefox 3, plugin that simulates Opera’s Quick Dial. =D

Picture was altered to protect the identity of someone else.

Uncle Chooi came and passed me my P license. Finally. I got it. Wee.

I’d been facing my laptop from the time I wake up until now. My eyes are officially – -. Yes it’s really that small. God.

I was emo-ing just now and then I told myself, now where’s the off switch? Lol then everything ok ady. = =

Javascript Missions are pretty easy compared to Realistic Missions. Gotta figure out what’s with the Stego Missions. Ack.

Yes hacking is fun if you know what you are doing and how to do it. laugh.gif

Yes client is satisfied with my ‘product’. Good job. happy.gif

Err, actually I’d lost my inspiration to blog, due to the fact that it doesn’t attract anyone anymore sobs cry.gif and it’s not getting its ‘attention’… really damn sad that day.


-rickroll command in DotA seems fun.

AND MY Edwin McCain — I’ll Be sounds like being rickrolled. I feel the need to download another version to double check.

Shoulder sounds like soul digger in my version wtf.

The one played in 8TV’s So You Think You Can Dance is so damn clear that it’s shoulder. = =

I’ll be okay. Daijoubu desu neh? mellow.gif


Quoted from Confessions of a Medical Student

And Shin Loo had her wallet stolen at the LRT station near her work place, AGAIN, last week… and my mum had her handbag snatched too at the night market! (at the so-called peaceful city of Seremban!)

1 million dollar question — What would you think when someone mentioned pink slip?

AC. *Might AWOL*