Lol first time sighing as my title eh. =P


I’m in a very awkward position right now, as just now GArena-ing and low battery I went OMFG and ran back to the room. So now I ended up sitting on the floor and my lappie on the ABC Table (lol damn old table since small).

*loosens neck*


Out of curiosity,  I thought of trying to load youtube but failed… so later dc rc lor maybe.

Then I head on to the next 2 tabs, and clicked. I’ll show you what I mean by tabs later.

Load… and read.

… and lol-ed.

Not to forget… = = and O_O

Weroth, your mum knows me, just that she can’t recognise me la. Cos my mum not with me XD If my mum is present before she left confirm she will notice me XDXD

Ok back to topic, so after that, I suddenly found something I wanted. Lol. Well I somehow manage to find that substitute feeling, thanks to someone, and I hope that I’ll be able to complete it by tonight (impossible).

Impossible is Nothing — Adidas (to me it is something lol .__.)

Shyness. Weeeeeeeeee. Good gracious.

Hot cos the fan is blowing my hair not my body .__.


Lin Dan won the Thailand Open… nice dive, nice save, nice jumping smash, you name it. Bloody international top seeder.

Somehow S.Macky (not smacky) made his way here (I think he’s a guy right?) and commented. I thought it might be a prank or something. Lol. Anyway I’m gonna bloody memorise the formulas. Lol.

And read up what he posted.

So agenda for the night:

  • Finish what I’d stopped halfway, and fix the damn bug! (yes the old one have a page bug ._.)
  • Learn AP (Brush up on it, I sucked to the max, and I will not let my ego drop just like that xD)
  • Dota — that is I’m too lazy to do the above two (._. “)
  • Sleep late (and blame someone ;_; )

Now I know why they like deep voices… lol. Ha ha ha ha… hah.

Nyaaaaa... (omg I can't believe you heard that >"< )

Meepo… see also I trauma ady. @_@

*hugging bolster*

Now, if only next time when I work, I’ll hug my bolster and code XD.

Actually this post is just to rant about my choppin’ skills being lousy and I can’t stand to watch myself deterioriating that fast while others improve. .__. Aiks.



I hate formality. It sucks. Aih.

*shakes head*

Sighs. =(



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