Youtube not loading. Tomorrow la. I mean later today.

Just came back from housewarming in Tofu’s house (and yes Weroth I saw your mum XD but she didn’t notice me)

House ah… ok lor. Quite nice. I like the plasma TV in the hall and his fucking bedroom.

And yes got gf and staying overnight with his mum.

Now Playing — MPC — Maksim – Croatian Rhapsody

So let me briefly highlight what happened this morning.

Woke up around 12… and drank water. No more stomach ache (I know why, my bottle is infected with virus)

Dizzy… tired.

Blasted and then woke up around 1, took wantan as breakfast, and 30 minutes later took lunch with dad outside. Anna was like waaa beh tahan you have a huge stomach lol = =

I don’t really recall what I really did this morning.

Talk about split personality… lol. ‘Bear bear says goodbye’ =X


After lunch, came back, dota a few matches…. a few matches either ppl dc, remake, or lag. = = Then didn’t notice lilgirl messaged. I should have left the stupid game… really wasting my time. 1 hour gone. = = Stupid host go burn in hell.

So then later on I… er…. dota-ed? yeah 1 more round and liost. Then I took the initiative to write down 21 PLL formulas on the A4 paper. Gonna photostat it, master it, and learn OLL pulak.

At least did something.


Then ah… around 6 something… never dota ady. So just lurk around, said goodbye, prepare myself, bathe, and then went there.

Aih as usual la I will be the silent one.

Talked to OYenKen first as we are the only one there (others all auntie uncle). Tho Vincent’s mum came and ask me something.

Weroth’s mum left quite early.

Then when the others came ah I just stone and take harassments as is.

Kai Yeong’s mum in the end came and ask me why did I not bring my gf here = =

… and then ask where’s CYK when I say I don’t have a gf.

I really went o_O what’s with her now la (what’s your damn problem?)

Joined them to Khakapo (or some retarded name, yes there’s no longer IMAX), Saw canny there (WTF is she doing there she’s from SKy Online = = unless this is under sky as well wtf) No pc, left out, stranded, whatever.

So I left.

Saw ChunKit and Wailoon there also la… say hi, ask a bit, then leave ady. Saw some other random ppl too.

Came back, and online-ed till now.

Damn should have stayed back with mum, and then can enjoy red-wine. Screw cc next time (well no more next time).

Guess my mentality and ‘them’ are totally different now.

I prefer to be as is now.

Anyway, some pics.

Mum’s herbal soup that day…. (lol now only I post XD)

Someone welding the cover for the drain (like how many weeks ago)

My lunch (for a few days, a week before)

… last but not least tofu and his gf. She looks nicer in real life.

^ above picture taken by steven habeng with his n73

First time, in the morning, read the whole article. Wow.


2 Responses to “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

  1. macky Says:

    all OLL, all PLL, a bunch of COLL, a bunch of MGLS, etc.

  2. weroth Says:

    LOL. My mom doesn’t recognise you so…

    *eXp gets stabbed by Sam’s mom for 10000 damage*

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