Whatever the topic might be


Now Playing — Toploader – Dancing in the moonlight

Damnit my winamp seldom random this song… I’m so bored of other songs ady. I even got ‘This Is How We Overcome’ from Anna ady. *facepalm*.

Lol those were the days where we have our meetings in Kampar Church and have to sing that at times during meetings. XD


Hmmm… I forgot where I halted. Anyway, so today I updated, dota-ed, cursed a lot, connection’s been sucky again.

Poor girl got hit by niggers. Well that shows that you’re attractive enough. Lol. =P

Another friend went hell no, it won’t happen. One fine day… one fine day… =P

*dancing in the moonlight*

I forgot what I did during the evenings… ah overtime dota. XD

Then ah… lurk around lor.

Never chop or do what I am supposed to do, but I went and chop a new avatar instead. = = *facepalm*



Today I have to go to a friend’s house… housewarming. Geez, how am I gonna go there, walk, cycle, dad?


Couchpotato. =\




Whatever laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I only have inspirational topics after I wash my face… I really should put my laptop in the kitchen last night.

And I had a weird dream this morning… and now I forgot.

Farking weird weh.

There goes one day. Really wasted today.



Misses whither than white, darker than black,


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